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RE: limewire pronnzz search!!!

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are you kidding me you closed it?


How is it "porn" if the guy is asking for search suggestions? He's not all like, "upload and embed pron videos in this thread". There was an 8 page thread with naked 17 year olds that only got shut down due to 12oz girl drama. Seriously ABC you gotta be kidding me.. you mods post fucking horrible threads about absolutely nothing.. But yet close down other peoples shit right off the bat.


At least you could have directed him to the Torrent Sharing thread or something. But for fucks sake... wipe the sand out of your vagina.. cheer up.. dont take your personal drama shit on here and abouse your rights as a mod.



all im saying is.


that was a bitch move.

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i closed it because i wanted to close it. it was about 3 seconds away from turning into another fucking stupid thread filled with whores and retards acting like 13 year olds. i'm over it. i'm also over the fact that in the last year or so you've grown into a gigantic douchebag. so fuck off

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