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2007 Homemade Marker Competition


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Here are the rules:


It must be disguised in some way. Like a Chapstick marker.

Must not have been done before. No chapsticks, pushpops, batteries, etc.

You must include a photo of how it writes.

Must not leak, keep it clean.


I guess I'll run it if it's ok with you Asdf, lets get 10 members to join. We also need some Judges.


1- Cirrus

2- Asdf

3- Uknome

4- CaptainKook

5- Allthewrongwords

6- NayS

7- fpcrew

8- Smooth-Nuts

9- Caveman




1- Rogue

2- Slipone

3- Devour!

4- Johnneh



I'm in this for fun, I and the 3 other judges will vote on the winners. Please PM me with all photos of your entry.


Post here if your in and I'll edit you in to the list



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Wait a second...


I would like to think that I brought this idea up

in the first place. So there is but 2 things that need

to be changed about this little event...


1. There shouldn't be any set judges.


I say that once the date comes to a close, everyone post

on a new thread that has a voting poll. You can only vote once

anyway and it gets way more people, than just us, involved.


2. You gotta put something in the device that you make.


No fogging a glass, or smearing pudding on the wall and

writing through it. With all the cats making money off their

recipes, and some that are in on this, I don't see why 2-3oz.

could go to willing actual participants that need it. Consider

it free advertising. Otherwise, if this doesn't work out...

You need find some water based RIT dye or something.


Anybody disagree with any of this?




I am willing to put up an 8oz bottle of my concoction as a prize.

I used it myself, and I will even pay to mail it out. It's a good mixture

that surprisingly enough has lasted the test of time. I got flicks of a door

that looks like shit, and the tag, and I went back 4 months later and the

door looks even worse, and the tag is but only a little faded. Still bright.


I will not sell it, but I will give it to a winner.

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Oh shit!

That's a REALLY good idea.

It's like an entry fee/prize setup.


I like that.


EDIT: But just to say... Yo ROUGE... I thinks it's awesome you

are heading this one. So my suggestions are just that. I'm

still in even if my suggestion don't get set in stone.


Werd Life.

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i don't think i've seen a thread more retarded thread than this in my life.


So why the FUCK are looking at it.

Why did you waste YOUR OWN TIME, to even post your

distaste about it. You could have just not looked at it at all.


Some people have life WAY TOO EASY for them.


You haven't seen a more retarded thread than this in your life??

Did you just learn how to read?

Maybe you just found out about the internet.

EVERYTHING could be considered "retarded" with your logic.



Go bother other people that welcome your idiocy.

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