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Top Posters In This Topic

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A couple new jammers by me. Spray paint, marker and acrylic on canvas.

Some stuff I've been working in the last year or so. Good to see this thread still going!

Some guys doing cool work right now...   ZERO - Instagram @zero_fluido     SPHEO (I think that's his name...) - Instagram @spheo      

Posted Images

T;5620792']Here is picture i posted in the canvas thread its not on here as a pure abstract as the first canvas has graffiti, but just an expample of using the clear coat. This one is gloss based they also have matte.





Wow its been 4 years since I painted this When i first came back to Painting regularly and canvas even farther back. This thread has been the basis and constant feedback appreciated. Now to compare what My work looks like now compared almost 4 years ago is crazy for me to even comprehend. This Style was based off an old piecing style I experimented with but never really perfected. See example




Now to compare this to what I am working on Now Ive progressed IMO immensely.




and canvas Which is symbolic because this paonting was painted directly over the first painting above I quoted.



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Poesia- I'm gonna be back CA side come the fall. Let's actually catch up, have a few, shoot some pool and talk art. If you are up for it.


Those look stupid good, beeteedubs. The colors on the wall pop in a crazy way.

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That black and yellow one made me stop in my tracks and say "Whoa!".


Then, when I scrolled down and say the original you were interpreting, I said "Whoa!" about your take on it again.


I love your colorful, flowing work, but the dark, somberness of that piece really hit me.


Also, great conversation on the last page.


Also-also, I agree with Fist about Clemenza's piece on this page.

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I lurk hard on the untitled thread due to me not having a camera at the moment to post some of my work since ive embarked on this journey called art school (painting and printmaking), but i just want to give everyone that contributes here props, this shit motivates me to get off my ass and think

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lots of awesome shit in this thread


poesia, that last jawn is vicious

lewis and clark, i really like the one with the girl. the balance between realistic and abstract is real cool, i been messin with stuff like that lately

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I just finished this piece yesterday. It was my first time doing free handed spray painting.


I was able to render my unintentional projections without any compromise.However, I already know that I am more of a low pressure can user than a high pressure can user.Rustos are way too aggressive.I had to manipulate the shit out of the distance to get the pressure right ....


The new Molotow Flame cans(medium pressure) are nice, but they have cap issues ( the stock cap and red skinny are the only ones that worked for me) .....but the paint is awesome.


I am going to use low pressure cans on my next painting.




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Yeah, cardboard. Cardboard is a great substrate to paint on, and it has cellulose in it. Paper and canvas are properties of cellulose, and are sized and primed to be painted on, so why should cardboard be left out as a substrate?


Cardboard can be sized to be just as strong - or even stronger - as canvas. Once the cardboard has been prepped, primed, painted on and then sealed, it can be adhered to a wood panel to make for a quality hanging system.....


Plus it is a form of recycling.

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