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A couple new jammers by me. Spray paint, marker and acrylic on canvas.

Some stuff I've been working in the last year or so. Good to see this thread still going!

Some guys doing cool work right now...   ZERO - Instagram @zero_fluido     SPHEO (I think that's his name...) - Instagram @spheo      

Posted Images

really feeling that weekend demons.


i like it because there is more going on, wider range of colours, big differences in line and mark making. i dont know why im writing this im going to pass out --------------------------------

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I like the piece with the small circles but I would've left it just as you posted it. Not all circles filled in. My 2 cents.


Also, that Graffuturism site is amazing for anyone that hasn't clicked the link above to it yet.



Here's a new one from me.



Look Me In The Eye

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Commission piece for a local friend.




Currently working on a piece for a local show that opens next month. Group show centered around bicycles. Need to get it done before Friday. Oofah...

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Do you have a hard time charging friends and acquaintances for paintings?


I know I do, and in the end give them away for like lunch and a beer.


If not, what's your secret?


i personally have never charged friends for anything.

i cant bring myself to do it


if they offer its fine (though i will tell them no and try to lower the amount they are giving), but i will never expect them to give me anything for what i do....

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Well, that is a hard question to answer. I mean, the truth is yes and no.


I prefer to trade with friends but haven't done that as much as I should be. I've given stuff away to friends as gifts for a birthday or house warming... that kind of stuff. I've also sold pieces, that didn't sell at shows, to friends for crazy cheap prices. And right now with the economy the way it is... I'm doing commission pieces at fairly low prices.


Most of my friend know that I sell paintings for a fairly decent amount. Not Shepard Fairy decent but a pretty good stash for someone who barely paints. Because they know this they've never ask for a free piece. I often get the question "How much would it cost me to have you paint something for my house?" and I usually come in with a figure that's way low. Most come through and some have never asked again. I feel bad even asking for money but this is part of how I make a living... it's part of my yearly income. If I was constantly doing stuff for free then I would be bumming these same friends for help in paying my mortgage every month. And... helps keep my cycling habit in check.


Doing stuff for friends without them knowing is really how I prefer to do it... like birthday gifts. Especially if they've approached me in the past about getting a painting.

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