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Line chaos in chroma fields.


I was looking at a pair of earphones on my bed the other day, and as I was observing them( indirectly), a thought occurred to me. The line, in itself, can be very chaotic in space....The cord, which connects to the upper earphones, was tangled. It was not intentionally tangled. I didn't tangle them, and the line didn't choose to become tangled. It became tangled by my innate motion and its owns innate motion, which was a reaction to my motion..... The chord became chaotic due to the chaos surrounding it.














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So, in other words...You drew some shit.


Let go of that art school rhetoric, and as the black kids say, "do you".


I'm going to speak out once, and only once.


I have no problem with you not liking my pieces or not liking my statements regarding my illustrations. That's not my issue, nor will ever be. We are separate entities, and you are entitled to think freely, just like I am entitled to script and state my ideas and theories with no inhibitions.


However, what will not be tolerated or accepted at any time, or on any level in life, is racism or the racial slurs that accompany it, no matter how discreet or inconspicuous they may be.


This has been rightfully reported: "Let go of that art school rhetoric, and as the black kids say, "do you".


This is a thread about abstract mediums and the ideas behind them, nothing more and nothing less. That needs to be respected, and if individuals can't do that, then those individuals do not need to post here.



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I like that Tosh said the same thing at the end of his show last night. "Do you"

After reading and holding back from commenting on the over sensitive nature of that rant, I about died laughing to see it on TV the very same day.


Since I am typing: who the fuck do you "rightfully report" that to ?? Is there a task force or some shit ?

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How was that racist?


I've had lots of black kids...and a few Ricans say "do you" to me before and I dig it.


White kids are all kiss asses and just go, "Yeah dude...That's killer." Which 80-90% of the time is bullshit.


I'm not back pedaling here by no means, and I'm as pasty-whiteguy-cracka'-muthfucka as they come, BUT I'd be willing to bet that skin color aside, I hold down more cred in the art world, general inner-city life and graffiti world aside, so take my critique as a compliment, young blood.


And yes, I'm this cocky in real life too. You'd all probably hate me.


Guku, pull your panties out of your asscrack and man up or you'll never make it in this shit.


You have the right to start bitching if someone drops the "N bomb" on you (And I'd act on it and help you out.), until then shut up and keep posting art before I ban you.


How do you like that for the new and improved 12oz.? ;)



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why so centered?


This. The negative space in those ruin it for me.



And as for throwing the racism card on that comment............































































































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Okay...I hope that everyone of every race, creed, color and national origin as well as sexual orientation likes this one. You dudes are hella' sensitive. I would've said that same thing in front of my "African-American" friends and they would have laughed. Actually, they'd laugh at me for using the aforementioned term, and tell me that they weren't born in Africa and to call them "black".

Get the fuck over it. It was a joke.

In all honesty, I would never post anything that I thought would every truly offend anyone intentionally. So in the end, if it did...sorry.

(God, apologizing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)


Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I roll with everyone from everywhere. But, I'm also a smartass who clowns on everyone equally. I'm only saying all of this to shut everyone up and get the thread back on track.




Title: Abandoned


This piece doesn't deal with anything deep or explore the mysteries of the universe. It has no social undertones and is dairy-free.

Please paypal me lots of money to purchase it.



Much peace and love to all of you and Jesus and Santa Claus...or some shit like that.


I was going to make a joke about picking on gays and lesbians next but I figured I'd best not, so you all don't get offended.

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I like the top one a lot, but to me, both feel unfinished.


I'd like to see some layering on top of what you've got. Even if it's semi-opaque.


Give it some more movement. Follow that purple color.





Nice work as well. Like the top one as well!

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