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one trick pony

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I know alot of you kids have a lot of respect for some cats that mass produce one image. I do see the importnace of the idea of name "brand" recognition as part of the game. But how many of you can really tell me that "artist" like dalek and his space monkey image are really briliant? how many of you think that he is an artistic inovator that desevres gallery shows and lots of $$$...


the context of this thread people from the "graffiti" world moving into the fine art world, and being able to use the graffiti past as a foot in the door and what the y do once inside. Mind you I have maximom respect for any artist smart enough to trick someone into considering their work art...

I recognize art is a serious hustle. But really, are some of these cats just riding teh graffiti bandwagon or are they really artist???


and can we consider it art once the same image is repeated and never modified or developed further?:D :scrambled: :scrambled:


I'm stoned ... hate away...

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