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Gee U-Knit?

Need Help!! re: A Staten Island Kings

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I would like to get in contact wiht a Staten Island master of style, Mars President of TNI


I am 20 yr.s old and by the time i entered tottenvile highschool a tag was more of a nick-name and something to continuously scribble in your notebook during class; all the true writers had left.

Fortunately, when I met Mars behind bushnell's on Staten Island piecing with Once, he encouraged me to see the movie style wars, visit 5pointz, and view graff as an art and not hit on my neighbors white picket fence just to try and get a rep. Mars is a dedicated artist and def. a friendly person.


Not having been able to meet many writers due to my "scholastic endeavors" I am fortunate to have met Mars among a very short list of other writers I have bumped into at piecing spots. I want to contact Mars again but this time for a personal art project. I emailed col at robotswillkill who offered help but he said he is swamped with his own art projects and i have my own doubts that he will be getting in touch with me. Inkhead (after emailing him) suggested to post on thsi site and that I might be able to get a contact.


If anyone can help, dont let me down! this art project is important.



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what are project do you have

arresting writers..


I dont think anyone else will respond to you on here...


thread smells like bacon

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