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What's your city's nickname??..

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So i did a search for this thread and no results came up...so here it is.....


the official "What's you city's nickname??.." thread...


I know some of your city's have nicknames (ex: New Orleans = the big easy or Los Angeles = Tinsel Town)....and some of your city's might not.


As for my city....some of the nicknames are ok with me but others sound wack....



heres what wikipedia has to say about it:


"Sacramento is referred to by many nicknames. The most common names are Capital City, River City (after the Sacramento River and American River), The Big Tomato[citation needed], and the City of Trees (due to Arbor Day recognition as a Tree City USA for 29 years[3]). The nicknames most used by those living in Sacramento are Sac, Sactown, or Sacto. The area where Sacramento was originally developed is still in existence as a tourist venue, and is simply named Old Sacramento, or Old Sac."



my city:





As heard in the song "California Love" by 2pac & Dre...."from Oakland to Sac-town the bay area and back down.."

Ive heard it called sac-town since I was little...its an okay nickname I guess.

But its getting played out cause they even named a magazine after it..





"Sack of Tomatoes"


I dont know why they call it this but its funny. It might have something to do with all the tomatoes on the freeway during tomato season, but I could be wrong. (During tomato season, big rigs from up north travel through the city to southern california and the tomatoes fall off the trucks and land all over the freeway shoulders....it gets pretty messy sometimes.)



"The River City"


They call it this cause two main rivers "Sacramento River" and the "American River" go through the city. I actually like this nickname. In the summer people get drunk and go rafting in the rivers....yay!


here's a flick showing the Sacramento River running through the city..




and last but not least....


"The City of Trees"


To me, this is the wackest name. I guess it's cause its new and i'm not used to it. But it sounds like we're all pot heads.....we're not....meth is the drug of choice around here....hahaha...j/k...anyways heres a flick...




anyways...those are my city's nicknames....post yours..


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