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Adam and Eve... And Velociraptors??


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Let's go on a wonderful adventure, full of education, to the...







To begin with, the museum presents real science alongside its version; an aviary containing finches is the first thing to greet you as you began your tour. The finches were a profound influence on Darwin and his theory of natural selection and are still studied by evolutionary biologists today. Another display contained poison frogs. This was of particular interest to me, since they claim the reason poison frogs aren't poisonous in captivity is due to the Almighty. I'm fairly sure it's due to the lack of poisonous mites in their diet, but there you go.


I love this bullshit!

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Are you kidding?


We could get wasted and say that GOD told us to meet

there and take all the dinosaurs and put them on our tour

bus, aptly named "the ARK", and then hit up Atlantic City,

only 2.5 hours away, to find sin learn about it!


Plus we get a bunch of christian dinosaurs out of it!

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Why do things have to be so concret, perhaps it's a little from option A and a little

from Option B. If not just historical documentaion but Time, and Thought are all man

made everyhting is open to errors.


Perhaps there were dinos and jesus (mohamid) perhaps years use to take 40 days

and not the absord 3hundred and something days it takes now a days. This would

allow Jesus to walk water 14 billion years ago with Dinos. makeing me think

RAPTOR JESUS was a possablity.









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