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Vintage Photography


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I find vintage photography ill.Im talking anything from 1950 and back.Maybe its cool too see how the world looked back then,maybe its the old black and white vintage feeling,maybe i dont know what im talking about.Regardless its nice to look at.Post what you got.


New york city.14th Street at Union Square 1930's



Store 1950's n.y.c



3rd ave Nyc 1950



5th ave waldoff astoria hotel , 1900 nyc



Battery park nyc 1900



Bishop, 1920's



side of road diner,1950's "chili joe's lousy food but clean!"



Choir boys early 1900's



Coney island 1953


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i like the really early stuff, especially portraits. being that everyone had to sit motionless for so long in order for the film to develop properly it give the pictures a lifeless creepy vibe that i enjoy. my dad has a great book of portrait photography from the early part of last century. i need to borrow that thing.

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I don't have anything post but i def agree on the awesome factor of old black and white photos. I fucking love it when places (usually pubs or restaurants) have a big black and white photo of what the outside street used to look like a bazillion years ago. I love it.



edit: Rage that thread you linked to is brilliant.

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I've posted these before.

But I still like them.









Right next to me are literally a dozen old photo albums that I have been sorting through.

I brought all my granny's photos from her house last time I went up to visit.

Maybe later on today I will scan some more.

If the mood strikes.

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I need to get a scanner! Blood Fart, according to my mom, those photos of kids sitting on black and white ponies were a common novelty back in the day. My mom has a picture of her on one. Somewhere Ive got a picture of my grandad at a cock fight in Puerto Rico, with other soldiers betting money. Also Ive got a pic somewhere of my grandma and her sisters in Japan posting up on an early 50's model Mazda.

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