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2012 london olympics "graffiti" logo


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i duno yo the clash were an important band but I cant listen to them anymore...they seem to be taken over by hipsters who just listen to them to seem down...all those bands from the 80's that were awesome have lost credibility unfortunately because of teh hipster emo gays...


it sucks because they were important for bringing tha twhole movement forward and shit and now it evolved into hipstergays and i can deal with that...



someting we can thank america for then....



are you kidding me they are all basing themselves off of morrisey and fucking flock of seagulls dont pin this shitty music on the US!!! WE STARTED THE BLUES NIGGA BLUUUUUESSS STARTED ROCK AND ROLLL BITCH!!!!!

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today on our local news, they stated that the new logo gave some people epileptic siezures, because on commercials in london, they have the logo animated and changing colors and shit rapidly, and this gave ppl siezures apperently, so they need to change it


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