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American Beauty (the movie) question


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Whilst my chick was filling out an application for starbucks, I compared her situation to kevin spacey's in american beauty. Saying how she's going from a good paying job to a low paying cashier.


We get to talking about the part where ex-marine dad started putting the homoz on kevin spacey. So she says homo-marine wanted to see if spacey was teh ghey so he could be sure to come back and put a bullet in a nigga. I say that he was a closet ghey seeing as how his wifey was looking mega dick deprived thru out the whole movie and he gave the beatdown on his kid for suspicion of homo-eroticism and general faggotry. But who's assumption is in the right?


As everything in life I leave this argument in the hands of ch.0. May god and google be with you.






*Also shes recently discovered the joys of 12oz and is soon to become a ch.0 regular!

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i'm going to say that the marine guy had been deprived of a proper/normal/loving relationship with anybody, let alone another man. i guess he saw how his son and spacey connected (or so he thought) and being confused/depressed/upset etc etc he threw himself into a situation while on emotional autopilot.


although i'm not sure it's worth trying to figure out. it is what it is.



that movie ruled

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I think he was in the closet

Why else would he make such a big deal about the gay couple in the neighborhood? I think they meant to make it seem like the father hated gay people because he really just hated himself. Upset, and under the impression that he was surrounded by homosexuals, he decided to just let shit go....and kiss Kevin Spacey.

Then when he thought about it, he was really ashamed and decided to kill the only person how knew he was gay.

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well that would be the obvious explanation. but what if aliens came and possessed his body and forced him to do it, then woke him back up while he was trying to kiss spacey. so he thought spacey had drugged him and had his way with him. he went to his house to get his gun to shoot spacey because he doesnt feel people who use drugs to have their way with him should live, he will always say yes as long as you ask.



thats what i think happened.

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i heard in the first few takes he was really gay but after lunch he had had an conversionary experience and then was not gay. and then in editing they spilced bit a pieces from both sets of takes so it ended up being very confusing.

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