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What have u lost while bombing.


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got rolled on in the boogie down last year. had a gram of weed, a pipe, a 6 pack, paint, markers, and a 20 oz bottle of homemade ink. the paint with the backpack was stashed deep in the bush in case we got rolled on. but the marker, 6 pack, weed, pipe, and homemade ink was with me. they opened my jar of homemade ink and smelled it (mmm, fish oil and rubbing alcohol, yummy). got cuffed and paraded around the spot by the 2 cops, trying to find where i was painting (i wasn't). they had just let my boy go. they were only paying attention to the spot so i dumped my weed and pipe out my pocket through my cuffed hands. after realizing that none of the paint was fresh, they took me to the squad car, uncuffed me and told me to the get the fuck out of there. as i left they told me that i forgot my stuff and they gave me back my initially confiscated homemade ink (hahahaha). went back to the spot an hour later, collected the backpack of paint, found the weed but not the pipe. come to think of it, unless it was found by someone else that shit should still be there.


update- my boy tells me that my car smells like cat piss as he picks me up from the spot after collecting everything. come to think of it, he's right. i open the trunk, and that's when i realize it- my boy's backpack that we stashed deep in the bushes with the paint- yep, a stray cat definitely pissed all over that bag.


paint life.

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Never LOST anything


I've had to DITCH a bunch of shit


Yeah same. Never really lost anything as far as I can remember.


I've had to throw shit away, been forced to hide stuff on weird spots where I can't get them back and stuff though.


I was chased by police, so I put all my markers, stickers and gloves in a flowerpot I randomly found on the ground in the city, threw my cans under someones gate. Later when I got back to retrieve what I could I realized the flowerpot was filled with water, so me and my crewmate went ahead and burried by glove deep in the ground haha. It was the first glove I painted commuter layups with.

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i was 1 million percent shocked yesterday when i went on a flick run at the spot i just posted about 2 posts earlier, and i actually found the pipe i ditched in the bushes when i (almost) got arrested. it was a needle in the haystack scenario where i decided to look down where it could have been where i was walking by, only to find the ice and snow had receded just enough to show the upside down spoon part looking at me. the amount of leaves, dirt and shit that came out of it when i cleaned it yesterday was hysterical. i found a pipe i lost on a mission 9 months ago, and someone didn't either stomp it or take it.



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