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mac power chords and the shitty batteries they charge


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anyone know what to do when your power chord battery charger starts smoking and burns thru macintosh's styllsh white rubber and plastic contraption?


it almost set my rug aflame.


if i remember correctly these things cost around 70 bills or something.

can i take this apart without prematurely electric chairing myself?


also can i put it back together and have it work?



double also. "my baby's missing" by gene faith, redonkulous.


as is butthole surfers independent worm saloon... the entire album



i have minimal time as my battery konks out at a solid 60% capacity.


fuck macs...




in a good way.

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good look seffiks.


yeah, as much as i like how macs operate on mostly all the programs, except suitcase's wack self, i've never had a laptop that the battery didn't suck ass causing me to burn out power cords.


any suggestions on new macs that don't try to set fires in your house?

i'm due for a new 12oz machine.

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Are you plugging your laptop directly into a wall socket?


I've never had this issue with my old powerbook..I had that thing for like, 4 years..

I couldn't afford a macbook pro, so now I'm stuck with a thinkpad T42.I'm considering

trying an OSX install, although I've been told the process might make me insane..



Anyway, if you're not using a surge protector, that might be something to look into.

But then, you probably are.. as it seems like a total common sense thing to do.

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