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Attn: Philly Heads


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Brown acid? Only clear or light pink/yellow is what you want brotha.


Don't you skate Sarcasm? Grab your board and some beers and a bag full of paint, head down to FDR. You can just get fucked up and openly write on shit. Just don't go over anyone since you don't know who's who and maybe they might pop up and see you doing it.


Hit up South Street there is probly a whole bunch of hot PR bitches walking around wearing nothing. Grab a slice of pizza from Lorenzo's. I think the graff shop Rarebreed is off of south on like 7th or some shit I never went but look it up.


If you smoke weed goto Wonderland on Market Street. Lots of bongs, bowls, etc.


If you wanna go find some nightclub bitches check out Club Flow and Chrome. I'm sure they are still there, lots of hot Asian ho's.


Get some waterice and pretzels from somewhere too, and try a few different cheesesteaks.


Don't buy weed or anything off of people on the street. Especially people claiming to have Hash.


If your feeling adventurous head North. Start at Kensington Avenue and go from there. You will see tons of fucked up shit, it can be quite an experience...

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That's terrible man haha , lettuce and tomato.


Basically when you order you gotta know "cheesesteak wit" or "witout." If you say wit then your getting fried onions along with the steak and cheese. Me, when I'm fucking with one, I get fried onions and cheese wiz. Then I put assloads of ketchup.


Plus it has got to be on the Amaroso rolls. I went OT and got a cheesesteak once. It was on these homo ass rolls that were all hard and chewy. Fuck outta here.

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thanks to all who are giving helpful responses. i will be writing down all of the suggestions you guys have made and taking w/ me on my trip. if it helps, im gonna be there around 4th of july. so are things gonna be especially poppin' off over there?

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I forgot: Rittenhouse square is a good place to bring a book if you get bored, or if you are into it, pick up a chess game. One of my friends goes there to clean people up - if you see a red head kid with a bike, avoid him at all costs.


You might meet a few writers there too if you look hard enough, though chances are they will be the type that hangs out in the Philly thread...you want to avoid most of those.

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Yeah 4th of July shit will be poppin off. They prolly got some ill fireworks at Penns Landing. If your just looking for a relaxing time then just stay around Center City and South Philly. Theres not really anything for ya to do in West or North unless you got people there. All the bars and shit will be live as fuck on the 4th though so def plan on going out and getting done up.

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