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What Made You Come To 12oz??? - no homo


What Made YOu Come To 12oz?  

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  1. 1. What Made YOu Come To 12oz?


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I popped out on 2016, I think when everything was all good to go. Did notice, however, not everyone was around. Left for a bit, then went through some stages in life.  Recently, I saw the shirt with all the members on it on instagram and I was like, "Nah, Im not on there".  I scrolled and what do you know, Im on there!


Immediately, I wanted that shirt.  Logged in (3 years later), and noticed the notification bell that Ive never seen before.  I had a bunch of notifications and starting feeling the vibe of reuniting the Dirty Dozen. Now I understand why Im on that shirt.  Pitty shit, but i felt it, Didnt consider myself as fam, bro, or what ever you wanna call it.  Im now better than this, OF COARSE I belong here asswipes!


So for starters, the whole @ and notification bell, it will bring back people. We all need to make sure were are using the correct or current user name when using @ .  ( @CALIgulafailed me lol )  Without those, I would of just came about, leave a nude, and leave for another long period of time. I was able to catch up on what you guys where up to and it worked. 


The shirt with user members will attract people, IF we start posting them everywhere (great, social medias, but for a good cause). Im down to post em when I get my shirt (s) .


Now Im digging to find a special SD card with 12oz material, Im sure laughs will come about.  Catch me soon on the History thread with antiques.

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I would have come here  via a couple of australian forums


 one was www.townhallsteps.com

 the other was the Ozhiphop.com forums.


 I'd already visited 12oz prophet by then but never done much.


I remember it was nerve racking ma\king my first thread in metal heads (in fact my only thread in metal heads)

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55 minutes ago, misteraven said:

Crazy how many people found out through Tower records. (RIP). 

Tower Records started here in my city. 


Tom Hanks' son who is from here made a pretty good documentary about Tower Records called "All things must pass"...i definitely recommend watching it. 


In the mid (and late) 90s, tower was the only place in town where you could grab some good graff mags. 

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A friend of mine ( @seYno9 ) back in 03 said to me, "If you're ever bored, you should check out Channel Zero."

One day I was bored, and I ended up staying for years.


In retrospect, it's surreal to know if these words were never told to me, my life would be completely different. I never would have met @psm026 and my daughter would be nonexistent.  It's crazy. 

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Worked with a dude in 2002-3 that dropped 12oz on me as I was talking up graffiti and boogie hands. Told me to check the old Melburn thread and I found Channel Zero on my own and was hooked. Huge portion of my 20s spent lurking this board. 


2018 found it from Instagram. I'd definitely thought of it in the past but each time I tried the site was down or buggy af. Very glad to see it back and huge props to @misteravenfor the hard work and effort. 

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