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^ fuck that...i lived in big cities and hawaii is hte shit.. i hate other places.. it can all burn for all i care.



and amongst...


dee38 is the shit.. good peoples.. my homie judah geces stayed out there with her... she brought ms13 to the islands... like woh


whoa whoa whoa..... suddam, are you from oahu? Geces! he was such good people. had a awesome time hanging out with him.. like what.. 9 years ago? long time. how is he? anyway... what is ms13? Is that a person? i'm graf illiterate. When you say bring ms13 to the islands, are you talking about Miter? thats the only thing I can think of that you're talking about.... but i'm not sure how ms13 + miter go together.please explain.and amongst....... dude. straight killing shit. NO i'm not HAWAIIAN. so what? I was born on Molokai and raised in Maui. Its wonderful you're trying to preserve the nene bird and saber plant and shit, but cmon........ Hawaii has evolved and so should you. You're acting like Queen Liliokalani still owns the place. Is Ben Cayatano still gov'ner? Or was it Linda Lingle that haole? Are they Hawaiian? People must realllllly be digging that shit if you trust a non-hawaiian to represent the islands. Anyway, what i'm trying to say is you need to open up your heart and mind a lil. I understand you still eat poi for lunch breakfast and dinner. I love poi. But you can't be beating down on every single tourist that come to maui. I agree Maui Fever is gay. But maybe you should use that energy into something else if you feel so strongly about it. Like singing petitions and getting involed in shit. Maybe like teach Hawaiian-History to elementary kids. That would be much more cooler.

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ps: back to det. THANK YOU SO MUCH for those seafood photos. I almost loved them more than the hana pics. I mean you can't beat fresh seafood caught within hours of being prepared. nope nope nope. i am so very jelly right now. like foreal foreal! did you eat sugar cane? i love sugar cane.

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geces is all good.. he's a elementary teacher now .... hardly does any graf anymore... he's makin dope beats these days...but yeah, im on oahu.




i feel kinda bad for hawaii.. like my mother's friend.. when she was a girl, a kapuna/hawaiian priest trained her in all the ways.. when she got older she spoke fluent hawaiian, knew all the rituals for everything... she was one of the only ones that knew how...problem was... she is a filipina. so hawaiians hated on her and so the story goes.


also with the Rock playing Kamehameha and how the people of hawaii/hawaiians didnt want no samoan playin the role of hawaiian king. kinda sad, but i understand, but fuck what hawaiian out there is a good actor ??



i went to the mainland/san diego and i met this fullblown hawaiian guy out there... i felt like kickin his ass cause everyother word outa his mouth was nigguh this and nigguh that.. i was kinda offended that some hawaiians can look at me and think of me as haole, but this hawaiian lost his breath of life, fo real.


other than that....


its not that people should accept the impact the rest of the world has on hawaii... its hawaii that should have an impact on the rest of the world.

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lol. how awesome would i be if i brought a mexican gang down there? well the only mexican shit i brought down to hawaii would of been the earlier mentioned.

sadam, are you WW? thats what im thinking :). anywho you should PM me. and i didnt know the rock is playing in that movie. good lord. HAHAH. that IS sorta weird. like how angelina jolie is playing that mullato chick in that new movie which just so happened to be directed by brad pitt. i mean cmon, halle berry could of done that shit.

and det, my bad. :( it totally looked like hana. now that i read it im way off. but i've only been to hana twice because no one liked to drive there back in the day. now that i think of it..... shieeeeeeet.. there is nowhere more beautiful to spend a 3 hour drive!! i love upcountry, paia too. its so nice and breezy. unlike the other parts of maui.

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ps again....... geces=school teacher? perfect. he taught me a saying i use to this day. i don't know exactly what we were talking about......... but i think i was telling him about a time where someone was being really shitty and he goes "dont worry, god handles people like that" and i was like woah. you are completely right.


the words of allmighty jesus. i mean geces. LOL. but i say that to myself alot ever since i heard that. makes so much sense. does he still have dreads and smoke tons of weed??


<br>/nomoretreadjack, more pics

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So 12ozprophet.com is now banned at my work.

I've been at this job for 3 years come june, and

today I recived a email telling me of my improper

internet use.


So pour out a little liquor and pass the buck on this one.


I will not have time to post the rest of the pictures

untill next week. I know you are all looking foward

to see my poop, so I present you with my poop

and a man that loves jesus.



















he is shouting "Lahina..Americha..Do Not Worrieh.. I Will Not Allowww U Sinnahs to Go to Hell."

His shirt says God Army

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wow Amongst...chill the fuck out...when you come across the way you do, everyone just stops giving a fuck about what you have to say. You need to learn to go about things differently instead of just sounding like a whiny, complaining asshole giving the rest of the world the idea that all hawaiians are just whiny complaining assholes. No one is going home any time soon.

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BTW, Good pics there, deterrent. Seems like you did a fair bit of off the map exploring, which is good to see. That type of shit is far more interesting and memorable than any tourist hula show or boat ride or whatever the fuck they have them doing these days.


Seeing all these pics makes me really want to take advantage of the $20 one way, inter-island plane tickets right now. You should have too.

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