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amongst stop acting like a lil baby faggot. its not your island. do you even live on maui?? oh wait you got homies down in kihei right so that makes you like half mauian and shit? get reaaaaaaaal. if it wasen't for the tourist industry then hawaii would be poor. my mom would have no job. heck, like 80% of hawaii would have no job. all the hotels would shut down. the airport would shut down. hula/tahitian dancers cant even dance at a damn luau and flaunt their skilzzzzz. no one would buy red dirt tie died t-shirts. omgggggggg.so damn gay.anyway. detttttttt. awesome pictures. MORE PLEASE! you are making me home sick. did you venture away from lahaina? how the hell did you land that pimp house to stay in????? you totally got me with the ahi poke and taro chips pic. ::insert jealous smiley.::::::

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they're on this "I LOVE MY AINA" type shit outta no where. on some rediculous ignorant shit. cmon bitch. i bet you do things like ride in a car and pollute the "glorious" hawaiian air and have littered here and there. i bet you deface property and do graffiti in hawaii too! shame on you! ?? they're probably mad because some hot tourist hunk sexed their girlfriend or something. i've never seen maui fever, but i'm sure its super corny... but its no reason to get pissed off at the tourist. unless you're the robinson family you do NOT own the island. hawaii is beautiful and i'm glad so many people appreciate it. /deeputtingyouincheck

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fucking deterrant, soo coooool yeah!? you can go to Paia, Hana, thosand crossings, the abandon shores of the east, but completely forget to eat at my resturant! hahahaha. when you come back, i'm forcing you to make a reservation, and yes, expect "stric-9 in the quacamole!" *Milton voice - from office space*

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the only thing i dont like about haole culture is that its effecting the local culture.. i mean you got some people that talked like mokes and now they think they're full blown cali-style players... i hear nigguh moer than i hear," ho cuz or brah...a lot of my friends are good exapmles.. i've watch local bros watching and learnin how our black brothers talk, then later on imitate and quote the brotha in front of a different group of friends and takes credit for knowin how to talk ebonics.


before i used to get teased for talkin some ebonics when i moved back from sf... now people are tryin to make like they're from sf, when they're not.




for all you mainlanders.. hawaii is changing really fast... we got a lot of dumbass shit thats poppin off and its mostly mtv mainland influenced.

i think it sucks.. keep the country country

plant more trees instead of cutting them down and raising property value and bringing in rich japanese and white people moving in... forcing the poor locals to move to vegas or seattle

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