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X-Rated Movie posters from the 60's and 70's

awkward eye

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  • 7 months later...
is it just me or did females have pointier titties back then?


it does seem like that. i mean, it's not because most of porn has fakes now, but in the real world activities, it's a rariety. maybe it's just me, but most girls i've hooked up with, don't have the 70's porno titties. now i'm not trying to be all immature, or kiss and tell, but i did hook up with one girl a couple years back, who indeed had the 70's porno titties in full bloom. you couldn't tell, because she wore those bras that push them up and make them look amazing. then i got her naked and i said to myself "holyshit, time warps."


my question is, do you think it's genetics, hormones in food, newer bras? i mean it just seems like a huge percentage of titties you see in 70's movies had that coned out droop.


i think this is the most times i've ever said "titties" in a message. i also like the term "Gazongas."

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i love the design in some of these posters. most modern movie posters suck, if you ask me.


if you want to see some really cool shit, check out polish movie posters.




they would commission actual artists to do their own interpratation for the movie poster. when you look at them, most have nothing to do with the movie plot or actors.

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  • 4 weeks later...
the best is in the old Shining movie... when the old black dude is on the phone at his house(smokin a blunt)..well, in the background you can see this poster in the background... dope


was actually watching that movie last night for the first time, totally noticed them as well, the chick in the poster at the foot of the bed has a massive fro.........

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