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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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That looks like one of the few dishes i could get down with sweet potatoes for. I wish i liked them as much as others.

New years resolution: add more poached eggs to things.


I understand. I think that sweet potatoes get stuck with always having to be sweet or sweetened with cinnamon etc. They fall very well into the savory category but get neglected there. Theyre good with added orange zest. Eggs over top of everything! Cant wait till I get my ducks for some of their eggs..

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Plug? My family has had this extra space for a while so we decided to put it to good use. Actually got all the wood for free and the coop is 24 gauge galv steel that I got free as well. They were hoods to old ac units atop a big factory near me. Its not all finished. We had some crappy wet/snow weather thats delayed the finish product. Mainly because Im putting cement down the trenches before I push the soil back and its been freezing here.



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Same thing every day though.

Also, whats on friday, lunch out?

I used to make tortelloni the night before, then dump it in a tupperware, on top of a whiole bunch of baby spinach with some of my homemade tomato sauce and some fresh tomatos. Take it to work, put in the microwave, the spinach cooks while the pasta reheats, the tomatoes get hot, dump in a bowl, bit of chilli sauce lovely.

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I should add, the good thing about doing it with tortelloni, is that because it is fresh, the whole prep the night before only takes about 5 mins. 2 Mins to boil the water, 2 mins to cook the pasta, 1 min to assemble.

This was the reason i stuck with the regime, because it was a piece of piss.

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Word up glad to see some long time posters of this thread are coming back on board. Ive had a lot on my plate (pun intended) these days but Im still doing my fair share of looking for new avenues to cook. Yet, on the subject of preparing ahead Ive been doing just that. Crock pot cooking for the poor man! I grew up on beans from the crock so I have no problem with eating it day in and day out. Switching up the beans a bit. Black beans with pumpkin puree to add thickness, Navy and sausage, and Red with red curry paste and coconut milk. Just easy mixes that cook in about 8 hours on high. 2 lbs of dry beans each go so I got about 3 meals hot and even some for the family if they choose to partake. Then a new addiction I employ is mason jar freezing....



Those straight edged pint jars work great holding 2 cups a piece before freezing. End up getting 1 to 2 meals out of each depending on how hungry I am. Reusable, easy to clean, stack easy, and for some awesome reason I always end up with the exact amount left in the crock to fill an equal amount of jars. Looking to use the double tall ones to freeze and layer whole meals. Figured navy/sausage beans on the bottom, freeze, then red peppers/corn etc, freeze, and then top with rice. Moisture should go down during thaw and keep the beans nice while the rice keeps from getting soggy. I grocery shop here and there then not spend a dime for a week or two while I deplete my inventory so its not like these meals sit for months.


Crock pots got me making caramelized onions! I always want them but never leave time to make them. And you cant technically can onions sooo that sucks. 2 onions, 9 hours low temp in the crock, the occasional stir without having to sit in front of it, and tah dah... I feel like Betty Crocker. I still feel the crock pot is under utilized by the average house hold.




The first pic you can see the silicon freeze molds. I froze them into cubes and popped them out into the larger jar for convenient use.




I was making some curry pork stew one night and wanted to do something different to the rice. I was thinking of Mulligatawny soup where sometimes they add apples with the curry. I love some rice with fruit or sweet additions so why wouldnt green apples and rice work? Then I stumbled across Pulihora that Indians make. "Sour Rice" as they call it but that sounds distasteful and my makeshift version was far from that. Main ingredients were Chili, green chilies (I used anaheim), mustard seed, whole cumin, ginger, curry leaves (I used basil), nuts of your choice, tumeric, and "sour" tangy fruit like apples, mango, tamarind. It was like a spicy, tangy, smokey, savory I dunno awesome rice.


Went a little off the wall with the plating of this one. The pulihora rice with pork curry stew, avocado, and yogurt...




So with a long time desire to prep compound butters for flavor seasonings at the ready when cooking I picked up those silicon molds to make flavor cubes. I dont know the whole science behind some things but we all know that flavors infuse with some time cooking so why not when melded and frozen. I do know that there is a molecular degradation in fruits when frozen and they will tend to provide more juice and colors if frozen first before pressed or juiced (from my wine making days). Of course freezer burn is an issue but thats just a burn a surface drying on the top layer of the thing frozen. It has been proven in some instances to not alter taste and in effect Im re-liquifying the cube in the end so the drying would disappear. I can only see the ill effect only being a problem with meats and other obvious items. Oh well it seems Im in a talkative mood today...must be the coffee... So yeah I did a base prep of the pulihora and instead of using apples I used a stronger tang item that would lend its strength in smaller quantities.... Fresh tamarind... turned out not too bad but needs some tweaking... 1 cube lent comfortable flavor to 1 cup of cooked rice... Add the nuts separately... Alright Im done!



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I've never tried cooking Green Chile Pork before, so I grabbed 6 lbs of pork shoulder and loosely based it on a recipe from that nigger-loving butter queen, Paula Dean.


I'm not browning and cubing it, I'm letting it fall off the bone for at least six hours in the crock pot.


It's amazing how just a tablespoon of jalapeño can set the pot ablaze (I get the sting-ring something fierce so it hope it doesn't turn out too spicy.)



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So these are just a few things i have been up to lately


Black cod, lentils w/ smoked guancialle, butter braised salsify, roasted baby carrots and radishes, bnut squash sauce


Roast pork loin, char grilled rib, pommes puree,braised kale, agro dolce shallots, pork jus, moms baby rainbow chard.


Grilled mahi mahi, baby Yukon hash w/ Apple's and bacon, spiced butternut squash puree, cranberry Apple chutney, kale chips, herb oil.


Venison carpaccio, smoked almond and cocoa nib granola,horseradish, frisee, fennel, quail egg,


Grilled ahi, calamata olive polenta, wilted greens, sundried tomato and mama lils pepper relish, pine nuts.


Hanger, rosemary pommes, brussel sprouts, golden beets, red wine demi.


Polenta cake, bolognese, parsley pistou, aged gouda, balsamic, fried herbs.


foie torchons for valentines day


Hanger, baby carrots, romanesco, celeriac puree, horseradish jus, crispy parsnips


reducing fresh beet juice




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valentines menu


Vday amuse, smoked shigoku, champagne granita, yuzu pearls, Egyptian starflower.


vday menu, duck terrine (smoked duck breast, duck confit, liver mousse) pomegranate fluid gel, Chevre but squash puree, sunchoke, duck cracklin, assorted baby greens


baby vegetable tagine, beet custard, spiced veg consome foam, harissa butter.


after table side service


Lobster, vanilla potato fondant, romanesco, Meyer lemon, American sturgeon caviar, lobster nage


Filet, foie torchon, bone marrow crust fingerlings,ciopolinnis, petite beet greens, oxtail braisage


rose water semi fredo, chocolate soil, hibiscus meringues (fresh and dried), macerated strawberries, strawberry fluid gel, chocolate mint

assorted flowers

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Still keeping it boring! Been doing the meal prep routine over a year now I think. Fuck you job-site-roach-coach!

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Trust me I got beans for days in the freezer. I havent had the time and have been trying to save so Ive been keeping to the cheap and easy. Did a classic for me because both bacon and pork was on sale so I jumped on it...


Bacon wrap pork medallions and a asian citrus salsa with a grilled semi sweet plantain, reduced coconut milk...




I had some tomatoes I hadnt used so I did some Shakshouka and toast. Basic tomato onion with poached eggs. I could eat this every day for breakfast...


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Stumbled across Rice Burgers and was like whaaaat I gotta try that!! So I did. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger with some Asian Slaw. Now I usually go the route of saying what I cooked was ok but this was delicious! The Sriracha was just done for decoration but turned out a plus as it heated the whole ordeal up awesomely. The rice buns tend to still fall apart a bit but stick together well. MOS Burger in Japan that makes these things uses Nori on the inner side of in the buns to give better strength. Supposedly these things are inspired from Onigiri. I will continue my obsession for a bit with these things...



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