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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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tru lol. actually havent had any since that flick. sometimes, i get those little mini cups of smarties sundaes too & those are good as fuck, but with haagen-dazs, if you get one of the original simple flavours or whatnot, its only the good shit & nothing really that bad. basically, its some of the best ice cream you can get in a tub, not counting custom ice cream parlors & such


apple cidar haagen-dazs? idk

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The whole point of those joints is for it to be like what your Mum would fix you for lunch, or similar.


Would definitely be disappointed.


What should I do with 420kg of apple pulp?




Apple infused rum ham! Still waiting for someone to actually make a rum ham... I might do one myself this weekend if I ain't doin shit.

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it's been awhile. I have been workin steady 70hrs six days a week since i got the job i posted about interviewing for months ago.



Seared scallops, roasted beets, asparagus, celeriac puree, rosemary vin, pea shoots



fileted my finger tip on mothers day. this was taken the next day after i decided to go see the doc cause it bled through my bandage over night. weak.


it,s cool to see the core of this thread still posts. i am gonna try to post more but, as busy as i am it's only gonna get busier.

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Man I havent been in here in forever when it comes to posting! Nothing special but I feel bad leaving this thread so long. Some awesome posts these days!

Rib eye. Lemon Pepper pappardelle pasta in sun dried tomato cream w/arugula tomatoes and some gouda/parm



Keepn it healthy. Horseradish vin with some arugula and some chicken will bals reduc. Love that stuff to the end of my days



Caprese Flat bread with squash blossoms. Fresh from the greenhouse.



Been craving a classic and made some fresh tomato sauce with some odd quinoa pasta. asparagus. mozz has been on sale so I did some caprese smoked mozz to go with


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