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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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So I picked up a grip of blood oranges to make some Vin D'Orange. Got that infusing for the next two weeks or so.



Then I got this bone in pork chop from a regular at my restaurant. Dude just felt like bring me, my bosses, and another co-worker of mine some good chops. A lot I would do differently, but you know my situation and that has me rushing with food. So anyways. Bone in chop seared and topped off with some "marmalade" blood orange slices along with a nice sweet sauce. Baked butternut squash with pancetta and sage. Endive blood orange salad with goat cheese, walnuts, pancetta crumble, and a blood orange vinaigrette. I started to make a gastrique but I didnt like its flavor. I think I went past carmel and flew into burnt sugar. I decided to use a camp propane burner instead of the electric bull crap and just had it tooo hot.


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Kinda a failure but still tasted good. I mixed the mac too early and the Manchego cooled just enough to loose the sauciness. I brought in the propane gas camp stove to get a better sear on the steak and forgot to turn the flame down and burnt one side. For some reason my mushrooms and red wine didnt sauce well like last time. I must of followed the wrong recipes or something. Still it was tasty.


Chili Coffee rubbed Steak. Manchego Mac n Cheese. Red wine mushrooms. Pan roasted corn. Baked Asparagus.



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Word up IR. I had my greenhouse set up in order on monday and before I could get my aquaponics going and put all the glass back on we had some final freeze or two come through this week. Come monday Im sowing some seeds! Got my other barrel ready for what ever you send me. Hope what I sent your way flourishes.

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Tony when you say piglet ....... >Elaborate?



Piglet = Young Ass Pig aka Lil' Pigg aka Piggie Smalls


Bought it frozen at a food market from the farmer who slaughtered, cut and froze the meat at his farm just days before. Very tender, very tasty.


Got me some bacon too, it's waiting in the freezer :D

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Been on my Bday vacation all weekend in Florida and I've eaten different fish every night. I even caught a fish last night and had it for dinner! My flight home is today :( but I'll post pics later




I_R I'm gonna follow you on the gram. My name has Philly in it (Obviously)

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Tony when you say piglet ....... >Elaborate?



Yo Fuse,

Peep it.



Unboxing and planting to follow. Btw I'm shipping Monday.

Word on the street is:

ship Monday and tuesday( as you did) to avoid it sitting in a truck or warehouse over the weekend



Sneak peak



SWEET! Waking up tomorrow and finishing the greenhouse. Had the set up going today and got more goldies to stock the fish tank. Going to get more for the separate tank that will feed what you send me. SO excited!

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