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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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gonna get up to date here:


Torchy's - Austin



Grandpa Made me breakfast a few weeks ago:



I made an epic dinner for R@ndom. We didn't finish:



I made Pho - my roommate's dog barked at it



And as of late, I have been eating super healthy: Kale, Black Beans, Quinoa, Hot Sauce, Avocado, and a Parsley/Tahini Sauce I made:


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Thats awesome! Been wanting to give that preserves a try. Well I must say Ive been wanting to try selling them considering Ive made plenty. I usually have a stock load of figs in the freezer from the past summer. Blackberries were scarce this year and so were my grapes.


50million - love some eggs in a basket. Had some the other morning.



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Havent had this in a long while. Not sure what a "true" chicken Milanese is exactly, Im sure it just has to do with the chicken prep but oh well. So being Im greatly familiar with it being made topped with greens thats what I made for dinner.


Shicken topped with Arugula tossed in some champagne orange vinaigrette. Feta. Golden Raisin. Pecan. Red Onion. Tomato. Rice Blend. Quick and easy and now Im full. Phone flick.



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So i went to France for 2 and a half weeks. Stayed in Paris for 6 days. Then traveled through some smaller cities in southern France. Here are a few pictures of some of the most awesome, delicious charcuterie and cheeses. Also some pastry flicks of course.







pate de campagne. delicious.


foie de pain epices oignon and raisin jam


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So I have been wanting to do a tar tar for a while. Finally got two small chunks of ahi from work and proceeded to execute it this evening. Stumbled across a similar idea a while back so I used it as my direction. Tar Tar with diced avocado over top. Cucumber broth made from cucumber, mint, basil, cilantro, ginger, and some tangerine/lemon juice. I made plantain chips to serve as accompaniment but ended up just adding more ginger and eating with a spoon. Very fresh and clean.



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Thanks. I got like 2 lbs of brie from work. Came in one day after they had this xmas lunch and noticed no one really ate the brie so needless to say I wrapped it up quick and stashed it away. Next time I will definitely make more cheese sauce before the bake cause it could of used just a bit more. I was happy with the mushrooms but used a cheaper red wine. A bolder wine would of benefited it greatly.


Still without a proper kitchen. Plus we have a breaker issue with our old wiring so I cant have more than two things running when the lights are on. Cooking nightmare. I got a skillet for a sauce, skillet for the veges, boiler plugged in for the noodles, no oven so a toaster oven for the macncheese, and Im outside with the grill. AND its winter time so Im trying to plan out what is cooked first so as to have it all in order and hot in the end.


But Im closer to having the stove top working. Its in place, not hooked up, but we have part of the tile done.


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