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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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Agh Noooo this thread on the second page!


This was a rescued failure benedict. I really wanted to do fried green tomatoes with it but I didnt plan accordingly. Maybe if I had a proper STOVE TOP! Soon....soon... So yeah benedict with roasted red pepper hollandaise, from scratch not that powdered stuff, over the usual but I did a bacon weave instead of ham.




and Ive been harvesting these between the birds and the bees. In the freezer awaiting I dont know what...more than likely a jam like I do every year.



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Im not sure what type but they are figs. Sometimes I have to pick them a little before theyre ripe because theyre so rich in sugar that the birds and the bees get to them before I do. Although this year in the South East there has been so much frickn rain that its screwed up all the produce around here. No I dont grow but I do enjoy what my families property does produce, naturally, muscadines, scuppernongs, figs, pecans, and apples. Oh wait also a certain type of concord but I never get them before the bugs.


Ive told myself the past two years, IM GOING TO HAVE A GARDEN! I have 8 acres my parents wont mind me playing with, yet every year Im to damn busy to actually do it. BUT I will say this fall I will be prepared to have some bees this next year. I will NOT miss bee season again.

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Im sure figs would grow in your area judging by what other stuff you can grow. I want to get ahold of some Panachee Figs. Theyre striped like water melons and are said to taste like strawberries.


I read into it and it appears it might not do well round my parts.

Zone 6-9


I'm in zone where it's not recommended

Partly due to the soil which is susceptible to infestations of nematodes.

And the chill hours it needs during the winter.


Although they say it might work in containers.

They also grow from cuttings. Wanna send me a few cutting? Ill give it a shot :)



That panachee fig looks good. $19.99 for a 4" pot? Expensive



My latest acquisition, wild burro bananas and a pup.



I got so many different types of bananas it's gonna be on come 16month.

That's the avg time to fruit from pup to mature.

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