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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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Egg on anything gives me a boner!. Anyway, some of you might remember a while back this girl I had been with and I raised a couple pigs and slaughtered them and what not. Well 20 months after starting the process we got together so I could de bone the prosciutto's that we did up. Fucking LEGIT! They over dried on the flesh that was exposed (she forgot to rub them down with lard so that it didn't dry out too much.) But, other than that they turned out really awesome!



And a special i ran last night, grilled halibut, smoked Pasilla and white bean puree, salad of watercress, spicy Coppa, red onion w/lemon vin, chilli oil.


kind of a shitty pic but, it's hard to get good ones sometimes during service.

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Snap was nice and moist, but next time I'm making the sauce from scratch...


The soup was a two separate recipes combined.


I braised the pork for about an hour or so and reduced the liquid down to a cup or so...


The brother for the noodles was its own thing as well... But combined.. All win...

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Bistec and Sinigang



Dinuguan and Tinola



Cheesesteak and Waffle Fries









Pancit Palabok






Shrimp and Lobster Sinigang



Bistec, Pancit, Mussels and Shrimp






Halo Halo



Pancit Palabok, Lumpia and Fried Chicken



Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, 2 eggs over easy

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Been a good long minute since I stepped out of the grilled cheese zone and actually cooked. Still tormented by my lacking of a proper kitchen and stuck with only a skillet and other wall plug devices. This meal was nothing special but I tried to make it different. Disappointed but yet still tasty. Pork marinated in some coco milk, curry, chili, clove, cumin then skilleted lol. Fried semi sweet plantains, cilantro red onion mojo, chili powder jicama, and reduced coco milk.



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We're buying a house, and I'm really excited that we get to pick out a new refrigerator for the kitchen. Not so excited about having another electric range, though.


My parents were sick of it too, so they got a big tank and use propane for their stove, hooked thier grill up to it too..

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Jaw dropping ^^^the last two are my favorite. The bison carpaccio sounds dope. Question though...what is that thing in the middle of the carpaccio? is it a piece of offal?


No Mcgyver tonight. I wanted something good but didnt feel like getting a ton of things dirty. If I dont buy fresh plantains I love the goya ones in the frozen food section, same as you get in spanish restaurants. I picked up some frozen ready serve jasmine rice at trader joes along with the roasted pork which is actually pretty good. I did make the fresh corn salsa though lol



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haha way off. The shape and color had me thinking of some offal. I remember a friend of mine went out to california and he kept talking about Chris Cosentino and his Offal Good site etc. Remember seeing a soup made of turkey eggs but they were in the inner eggs that were still all attached. I mean I love food and I love sushi and will try just about anything but some of that stuff was hard to see as appetizing. Its like Tripe, I see it in the store and for some reason it bugs me out.

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