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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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IOU is a beast in the kitchen.


Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, mate. I was a bit nervous on the Fracaise when you didn't have any parmesan, etc. I'm sure your girl appreciated the fact you put in the effort.


You took on some pretty interesting dishes for a non confident cook!





For reference, this is the recipe I followed.



It has a 3 star rating, maybe I should have went with a 5 star recipe, haha.

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Here are the pics. Sorry for all the rambling.



Brie Bread came out perfect. I will try with a different cheese next time.




Stuffed mushrooms came out wonderful, although the pic doesn't do them justice. I stuffed them with the mushroom stems, bacon, onion & garlic. I topped it with mozzarella cheese.






The sampler!





No pics of the chicken because I was disappointed. Also, I'm sorry if the pics are huge. I'm posting from my phone so I can't judge the size of them.

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Thanks Protester.. I ain't really a beast in the kitchen.. I'm just somewhat decent at following instructions and mind you.. I didn't start cooking until my 30s(yes old).. And I started with Hamburger Helper... The thing I need to work on is straight up freestyle cooking.. I have troubles straying from recipes... But its getting there. So you new jacks.. Just fucking start as mad simple as you can.. And here are some flicks:



Ground beef Mexican style salad..



Salmon with a ginger mustard sauce and a watermelon cucumber salad with lemon juice..



Okay so here my own dish type deal.. Using a braising method from another recipe, I made Chicken Thigh and Potato braised in a Tomatillo Chipotle Roasted Sauce.. This was damn good and pretty fucking simple..

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Can someone enlighten me. I know Italians brag about how long their sauce has been cooking etc yet I fail to see the sense in cooking sauces so long. Ive made tomato sauces within at least an hour and they were perfect. Is there a need to cook that long? Is it the skin or the tomato? Flavors dont take that long to infuse together so please tell me! I want educated responses from those educated. I understand if its to be reduced then that takes time and the scorching aspect. I dunno I just have never gotten the whole thing.


It is because the sugars change overtime, and the cells continue to break down to create a more luscious sauce. (In Theory). I cook sofritto for like 45 min to an hour, and it's fuckin good enough for me. Pressing through a chinoise will help to create a perfect tension, or a tamis if you have one.


I was thinking about making sushi. I just figured all I had to do was throw the ingredients in and roll it up like a fat ass blunt but I'm sure it's more complicated than that


This made me lol. Making sushi rice is much more difficult than a tortilla, and is also much more difficult/tricky to deal with. And proper fish cutting is important, unless you just use krab sticks (kani) or lump crab, or all veggies or some shit. I would offer advice, but i'm fuckin tired of thinking about sushi riht now, busy fucking night tonight. a LOT of this brand of bullshit tonight...





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Quick little breakky. Poached egg, hash, asparagus tips, home made chipotle hot sauce, Maldon sea salt.



Double r ranch carpaccio, asparagus puree, baby kale and fennel salad, chiaogga beets, fried egg vinaigrette, Murray river.



Dessert special; bacon fat ganache, bourbon caramel and hazelnut terrine, bourbon Ice cream, candied hazelnuts, sugar "glass"



Pan roasted black cod, roasted potatoes & beets, turnip & radish greens, baby turnips & radish, mustarda vin, sea salt, olive oil



Fish special: baked halibut, baby kale, dashi, maitake mushrooms, charred spring onion greens, salad of radish shoots, shaved radish, crispy maitakes, pickled nectarines, sesame oil.



My take on gravlax and bagels. House cured gravlax, sour Batard croutons, arugula, spring onions, tomato vin, parsley powder, fried capers



house smoked trout potato cake, smoked trout, herbed ricotta creme, smoked trout roe, tarragon oil, micro bulls blood.



just a little of what i have been up to lately as far as specials go. That bacon no fat docket gets me every time! Fucktards man it's crazy.

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yo, that sugar 'glass' (isomalt) in even small quatities can cause extremely loose stool.



Side note, new chef at the restaurant I used to work in - Has worked at El Bulli, Alinea, Mugaritz and Noma. If you know where i'm at, you should DEFINITELY check this place out, it's leaps and bounds better than when I was there, and I wish I could go back now...kind of... the owner is still a piece of shit.

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It is really depressing that I left there, and now these changes are being made. But when I left, so did both the sous chefs and a line cook,and had I not left we would all still be there in misery, under a weak chef. I opened the flod gates to the chef losing his job, and now I kinda want to go back and experience it in it's glory. Def the best restaurant in the region now, by a LONG shot.


*edit - although, is it bad if I stash my anxiety pills behind my "Joy of Cooking" book? Anyone else in the industry reached the breaking point that they needed medication?

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Protestor, fuck all that medication bullshit. The side effects will fuck you up more than it helps. Smoke some weed and you'll chill out and be able to fall asleep.


anyway, here's some pics from this week. I need a camera. My phone pics are bad.




Wifey made a Caprese Sandwich for lunch the other day. Chicken, Mozzarella, Basil Pesto & tomatoes













I could eat that sandwich everyday, so fucking delicious!






I made this for brunch. A hamburger with sauteed garlic, basil tomato & onions. I topped it with a fried egg as well.



I should have cleaned it up before snapping a pic but I was too hungry and wanted to eat. The pic quality is pretty bad too, sorry. It was super tasty though!




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I didn't use isomalt to make the glass . I used just plain old sugar. You can take sugar to hard crack before it carmalizes. Between 300°-310° is ideal . Isomalt is like sugar work for dummies. It's a lot less likely to crystallize during the cooking process taking away some of the risk of fucking it up. It definitely has it's place though that's for sure.


On the meds for stress in the kitchen topic I started going to acupuncture this year and found it to really help. My acupuncturist also gave me these herb pills that I take a couple times a day. Also seems to do the trick. Oh the joys of slaving at the range.

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That what's up with the sugar man! I've never seen it get to that stage without browning, Nice Work!!!


I've tried accupuncture and albizzia (chinese herbs) and Gecko extract (had Deer Antler Velvet as an ingredient), and none of that did anything for me really. Just got back from the doc who suggested that I find a new line of work, lol. Gave me an antidepressant and an antianxiety med. Back to work, I suppose. Until I finish this next project... :D

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