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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

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Chicken ramen with soft boiled egg, spring onions & red chillis. 

From my last menu, seared foie gras, savory bread pudding, roasted apple puree, pickled apple, calvados caramel, crispy chicken skin.

Glad to see a familiar handle. I remember protester from times past. This thread was crackin for quite a while with a bunch of like minded food nerds! It was pretty epic, sharing recipes and what not.

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whatd you think of momofuku lesbian? never been but ive made the bo ssam from their simple recipe, it was good and cheap to make.


hungry vibes


The dough the bun was on was unreal. I cant even describe it. Everything was really good. Ramen was a little salty for me, but thats personal taste.

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Goddamnit I want some scallops now. This thread is the worst to look at when I'm hungry.


Protester, I'm sure that dish was fire. Mine was actually a Martha Stewart recipe that I made some improvements to. We gotta come up with some sort of vacuum sealed overnight UPS food trade.


Anyone have experience making donuts? I have a bride and groom interested in doing donuts for their wedding next year.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We did this a few weeks ago.


Cinnamon roll wedding. Well, they weren't technically cinnamon rolls. We did a Blueberry Ginger roll, a Whiskey Apple Bacon roll and an Apple Cinnamon roll. The cake was something boring so I really don't remember what it was. Apparently, they were a huge hit.







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We'll see where this goes. First time ever dealing with brisket. We just corn it here, so it's not that easy to grip. Weird.




Tossed between braised and Southern grill... I've gone braised until one you southerner's give me an authentic rub recipe.

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It's fat side down in the photo, probably about 1CM thick? I didn't trim it, my butcher did.


Went for braised in a Shiraz/Stock liquid. Had her going for 7 hours at around 110*C - I'm very happy with how it came out, but it was a pretty 'safe' decision.


Just plopped it on the plate with some mash and reduced the liquid with some 'shrooms.




I'm really keen to try a low/slow smoke - maybe I'm best off getting it not trimmed at all? That only cost me about $18, so I'm fuckin' keen to keep playing with it. Glad you saw this post!

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The fattest portion should have like 4-5cm of fat, and there should be a lip underneath that that flap in the picture that is about 2 cm thick, all that fat gets rendered into the meat, but has to be cleaned off AFTER it get's cooked. Brisket makes a damn good burger as well...

110-120*C for probably 18 hours or so, season with vinegar hot sauce and seasoned salt for 3 hours before cooking.

Looks pretty fuckin good bro, wish I still had access to them everyday like I used to...

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Ah OK, that makes sense, I thought it was quite trimmed up. I'll order another piece in and give it a bash - I didn't get that nice sticky/gelatine sort of feel that I was expecting, which was a sign of not enough fat.


For the 18 hour slow roast, can I dry roast that, or would I need to plonk it in some stock/liquid to cover? Or just keep 'sponging' it down?

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Dry rub's fine, the huge fuckin layer of fat around the thing keeps it nice and protected from heat so no liquid is needed. We always used apple wood just for the flavor, but I'd bet one of those wine casks would work great.

Cook it until it falls apart easily, and use thick gloves to peel off the fat while it's still hot.

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