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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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Hey ShortFuse what kind of crab did you use?


those were actually my works crab cakes, we use lump crab. I snatch them up anytime I can when its a night we cant sell them anymore, Im a vulture like that. Plus theyre some tasty crab cakes. Got me some chilean sea bass that Im cooking up tomorrow. Love me free food, especially the stuff I wouldnt normally buy everyday. Gives me a chance to experiment without actually having to spend a lot on proteins.

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So I had two pieces of sea bass right....Wanted to try something outside my usual. Yet I love using fruit and booze. So i did a Pomegranate, Ginger, Chili Sake sauce. At the end of the day I could of done without the sake. It really gave nothing to the sauce nor did it take anything away. In between cooking these two back to back I was doing a pitfire out back so i had a lot going on. Forgot to thicken the sauce a bit more before plating. Still not bad.




Second. I had a extra crab cake and a usual I love to cook is prosciutto asparagus. Something that always catches my eye when watching cooking shows or restaurant shows is that runny yoke atop steaks etc (what is it called?). So i was thinking Oscar-esque with this one. I guess you could say it was a deconstructed Hollandaise. I did a trial run earlier in the day with some lemon butter and a runny yoke. Not sure why my butter came out dark second time around, I did use a different pan than the first time. It still tasted good, lil to much lemon though. And too much sauce on the plate.




enjoying having a new camera also

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