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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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The ones pictures were actually a bit dry, but you can experiment. I'm going to try making individual miniatures with duck next week, I'll let you know how I go.


Enjoy, it's easy and really rewarding.


That is fucking amazing!!!!! Thanks for the pics!

Mini ones sound like a great idea. Duck!!

I'm thinking lamb leg steaks. Shit so many possibilities.....def doing this!


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Fair call, I made this last night, didn't take more than these photos though - so it's not exactly a step by step;


It's what's called a 'Blooming Loaf'


Start with a nice round cob loaf, and cut it one way - and then the other, to create the cubed effect - making sure not to cut all the way through;



Thinly slice cheese that you're partial too, and that you know melts well - I went for a mixture of Havarti and Swiss;



In a frypan I added a LOT of butter, spring onion, onion and a good helping of fresh basil pesto; drizzle this mixture on top;



Wrap that bad boy up in alfoil and chuck into an oven at about 160c for about 25 minutes/

Open her up for another five or ten minutes - at this stage I added more cheese and a touch more mixture/


This was the finished result;


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Yeah, I took her out and threw her under the grill for about five minutes to crust the top, threw some more cheese on there too.


You can pull the cubes out individually, it's a really cool share meal.


Had it with 300G scotch fillets, hence the lack of meat!


Next one I want to do is a mushroom, bacon and sun dried combo.


Do it mate, it's fuckin' easy.

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So.....I went with: Aussie lamb (leg steaks), swiss mushrooms, onion, spring onion, prosciutto, gouda cheese, seasoned with s & p, rosemary, parsley, basil, dijon and wholegrain mustards.

So good, this will become a regular thing.


An awesome Australia Day breakfast!



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