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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!

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I posted one too:


Take a larger loin 2-4 lbs., and cut it flat - at least half inch thick, so it can be rolled up like a ho-ho.





I season the inside with various spices... choose your own taste.

I then topped it with gouda - but again, choose your own cheese.




Stuff it with veggies, or chorizo, or whatever the heck you want - I used stuffing.






Roll it up, season the outside too (optional)

wrap in thick arse bacon,

then tie it up with butcher string.


I then stuffed the ends with stuffing to prevent the cheese from leaking out. Even if you do not fill it with stuffing, it is a good idea to cap the end to prevent the innards from seeping out.



I put mine in a tinfoil pan to preserve the juices and prevent the bacon from burning - but you can also just wrap the whole thing in tinfoil.


Cook for about 45 mins on each side depending on weight (top, flip and do bottom) - google it, or read package - I did this last year - so I am a bit hazy on this, but i think it is 40mins per pound





Eat up, fatty!


bumping for myself... (lost recipe)


I am about to recreate this with chorizo and sweet Italian sausage.


photos to follow....

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Chicken ramen with soft boiled egg, spring onions & red chillis. 

From my last menu, seared foie gras, savory bread pudding, roasted apple puree, pickled apple, calvados caramel, crispy chicken skin.

Glad to see a familiar handle. I remember protester from times past. This thread was crackin for quite a while with a bunch of like minded food nerds! It was pretty epic, sharing recipes and what not.

Posted Images


Creamy Havarti

Apple Smoked Gruyere

Smoked Gouda

3 lb Pork Loin

Hickory Smoked Bacon

Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage


Stuffing (to cap ends)




What I thought was a single three pound loin, turned out to be two when I opened the bag.

I would usually go to a quality spot to track down a proper loin, but this was all a last second impulse buy.

So I sliced them both open, frankensteined them, then tenderized them.




I added a myriad of spices to the meat

layered down some havarti

then sausage and chorizo

then added a few more spices

then gouda and gruyere chunks (the cheese will ooze and melt like crazy, so keep most of it towards the center.)

I planned to add more cheese, but fuck it, I don't want to drown the meat.



Rolled it up tight like a cuban

wrapped in bacon



lifted up meat flap (no hetero) and put a little stuffing on the end to keep the cheese from oozing out. I didn't do this last time, so I hope this works.



I went vertical instead of horizontal with the bacon wrap this time. Much easier, the bacon held itself together like bandage.


I am trying these butcher bands for the first time. Supposed to be safe for up to 600 degrees, even in the deep fryer. Finding butcher twine or thick string is a pain in the ass.

I also added a few skewers for good measure.


At the last second I opted out of grilling it. Too hot outside and too much meat to risk burning.

Got it in the oven at 350 for 90 minutes.


I put it on a rack to let the fat drip off, or else the bottom gets oily and crispy.. some may like it that way though. I then put a sheet of foil loosely on top.


Time for a few cocktails pool side while the piggy roasts.

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I broiled it the last 20 minutes w/o the foil top to crisp the bacon.

I wasn't sure if pork can have some pink or not, so I put it back in for a few extra minutes.








I thought I was adding too much meat and cheese, it turns out I could have added a lot more.

I was afraid this bitch would burst, but there is def room for more next time.


Plus the smoked gouda and guyere chunks barely melted, tough stuff.

So the stuffing wasn't necessary, but it was quite delicious at the ends.

I think I will scatter some stuffing throughout the middle next time too.


Overall, I was quite happy. Mad flavor.

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Redeye spotted it.you actually bought a tenderloin. It comes in twos cause every pig has two of em as apposed to a cows one. You can also tell by the color. Pork loin has a light pinkish color to it the tenderloin is much darker. Oh and any part of pig is now okay to cook to 145 degrees the fda just dropped it from 155-160 not even a month ago. Something most chefs have been doing for years. Dinner tonight curry chicken rice and brocolli. First real dinner since ive moved

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It's kinda like how fatburger prepares their shit. They literally smash angus beef onto the grill. I had it in Hackensack, NJ, first heard about it when I was out in Phoenix.


It's good but for sure not the best. I wouldn't go out of my to try it but if you stumble across one definitely try it.



1- Corner Bistro (cliched answer but it still ranks #1 to me)

2- 5 guys

3- in n out (depending on my mood it can replace 5 guys)

4- shake shack

5- smashburger

6- fatburger

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Shake Shack just opened up about 8 blocks from my new apartment, I'm curious if it lives up to the hype.


On an unrelated note can anybody recommend any good restaurants in Atlantic City? I'm headed there to see a fight this weekend, boxing is the only reason I'd ever go to Atlantic City. /nogamblingsnob

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I can almost agree with you on the corner bistro, but there are 5 spots off the top of my head are all up to par with that one.


Swamp is kinda right, but for fun, when I'm in ac i always hit http://www.baltimoregrill.com/ ...shit is og x10, I'm kinda surprised they even have a web site.

cash only and the decor is from 1968 right along with some of the waitresses.

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vietnamese soft shell crab sammich



korean spicy tofu taco



tuna poke on fried won ton chips






pressed tofu over coconut rice



catfish n' waffles



moar catfish



fried shrimp balls



avocado fritata with grilled corn bread



black bean cakes


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