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post your meals photo superpooperthread!!


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Re: post your meals photo superdooperthread!!



Pepper Crusted, Pan seared Yellow Fin Tuna with a Wasabi and white wine reduction.

Garlic & Ginger fried Eggplant and Steamed Baguio Beans and coconut rice.


Pinoy steeze.


(BTW huge tuna steaks like that were about $1 each)




This was for desert. It is called Buko (Young coconut) Pie. Soooooooo good. So fresh it was still too hot to eat.

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for lunch we had leftover lasagna from the night before, homemade of course..and a salad with my fav: balsamic vinaigrette







and for dinner i stir fried bok choy, and not for the faint: spicey hot thai basil chicken to clear my sick sinuses..mmmm and rice of course




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mmm and salmon and spinach looks yum yum. whats the salmon cooked in/marinated with? i had salmon yesterday, but i have to get the picture from my friend..


Spinach was cooked with garlic and black pepper with olive oil.. So simple, but good..


As for the salmon...




Black Pepper


Lime juice


With O.Oil and butter...


I try to keep everything simple..



As usual your food looks top notch... Cool plates..

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mm ill try that. i dont usually use butter or mushrooms on it in my marinade



you need thai basil.. heat oil at high.. chopped garlic browned.. then add chicken cook at high heat (chopped small since cooked quick to get the most flavor) ..then chopped red thai chili's (at your preference if you cant eat that hot i'd only add one or two) and then add the thai basil, 1 or 2 kaffir leaves (i rip them) dark soy sauce and a lil bit of fish sauce..but i ran out of fish sauce and it tasted fine with just dark soy sauce.. ;]

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