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Slurricane Katrina

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jase its been awhile since Katrina devasted the city of new orleans and misplaced thousands of black people.


Was curious how all the intellectuals feel about the formaldehyde inside the FEMA trailers, cause you know Kanye west says everyone hates black people. and now for something poorly gif'd






















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you know what,... im still pissed about katrina... cause that coulda been my home...


i liked the greenday/u2 vid... cause thats how shit shoulda been handled


from what the news reported...


WAL MARThad truck loads of water that was ready to be shipped to those people, but the US military was givin orders to NOT let that water pass.


why ? cause our government wanted to deliver thier own water by aircraft. which took them 2weeks later.


there was a lot of effort into helping those people... but our government said NO




what happened down there... happened to all of us.... YOU COULD BE NEXT

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