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dumb questions people ask.......

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Hahaha this thread wins.


I've got dreads and people ask me the stupidest shit all the time about them.


"OH MY GOD you have dreads?"

and I go

"OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I HAVE DREADS?!?!?" and run in a circle.


or "How do you wash them?"

"With the blood of my enemies."


or "How long did it take for you to grow them?" as if dreads cause hair to grow faster or slower than average.



Stupid music shit bugs me..like when people are checking your Ipod and they go "holy shit you listen to [insert band name here]."



I work at an oil changer and I fucking hate when people ask why things are priced the way they are. like "wow that much for an oil change. thats expensive, why?" as if I have any control over the pricing of our nation wide chain of stores. I should be like, "yeah, you're right it is expensive, let me just change that for you."

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q : how much is postage going to cost me on this letter.


me : lets see... 44 cents


q: wow thats expensive .. can i just put these 2 cent stamps on it.


me: then it wont go anywhere


q: what do you mean ????????? (RIGHT FUCKING HERE)


me: i mean its not going to go anywhere. its not even going to make it over this counter


q: ok fine i guess ill take a stamp.


me: ok




44 cents ladies and gentlemen .. i get conversations about 44 cents.



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excellent bump.


boss: order supplies

me: (orders supplies)

boss: have you ordered those supplies yet?


me (with bike in elevator at work)

person in elevator: do you ride to work?


oontzer: can you change my screenname?


salesbitch: can i help you with something?


jesusfreak: have you accepted the lord jebus as your savior?


neighborhood hoodlums: does your dog bite?


conservative relatives: who do you hate the police?


ugh i guess i could go on.

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I'm chilling at this mural that's being painted all week long -

hey, what is that? hey, what are they doing?


I called and left a voice mail the day after I stayed the night with a girl I'm dating,

asked if she'd like to meet up with me the next day and she never got back to me -

Text message a week later - "Why haven't you called?"


I light up a cigarrette and hear this- do you know how bad for you that is?

WTF, you think I just time traveled here from the 1879?

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i was riding around dallas last night(on my motorcycle) and i stopped on lower greenville and as i was getting off my bike some fool asked if i rode. i looked at him with a sorta squinted eye and cocked head like wtf did you just ask me, before i could even say anything he said 'never mind, that was a stupid question' i said yea, just a little bit

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I worked at a call center taking orders for satellite TV once.


Automated system as soon as a caller gets sent to the new customer dept: "You must have a valid credit or debit card to complete your order today".


After 15-20 min of setting up a new installation, customer: "Soooooooo....... do I need a credit card today?".




I also worked at a call center for virgin mobile cell phones.


Customer: I bought my son a virgin mobile USA phone and sent him to camp in Canada, why doesn't his phone work?


I'm sure I could come up with a million, if I think of any more good ones I'll post later.

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