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god hates fags... and Virginia Tech??


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i think the "gads hate fags" company has some real personal problems.


fags are ok. sure there going to hell and all. but lots of cool people go to hell.

and then im sure they will all rock it out in the depths of hell.




p.s i rkn god hates fags.com T's could become the next. hipster counterculture wankizms.



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please will somebody go run up in their home and go on a shooting rampage.


seung cho's brother or anybody



If that happened, I wouldn't be surprised if the cops just let the nigga ride. Like pretend that they didn't know who did it.

If I was a governor I'd actually pardon somebody for massacreing these fucks. And I'd be pretty confident of getting re-elected.

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we as americans should band together and go pwn their asses.



What's good with a 12oz flash mob? Like everyone on here that can afford to travel just meet up at their church one sunday. Keep it on the low with PM's as to the date and just show up out of the blue and crack some skulls while chanting "God hates YOU!!!":lol:

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