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You do know Sonny Chiba is mainstream right? :lol:


Fist Of The North Star on the other hand is underground as fuck, that's why I was playing this horrible ass NES game way back in 1987 on an American Nintendo...



Next to Rambo for the NES, that is the worst piece of shit I ever rented/played.

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Sonny Chiba is mainstream, but only because of movies like "true romance" and "kill bill." I bought the sonny chiba "street fighter, sister street fighter, return of sf" triple feature completely on accident at best buy for a whopping 5 dollers. Best $5 I've ever spent... turns out theyre the same movies that clarence and alabama whirley watch in the beginning of true romance... I agree that akira kirosawa directs samurai flicks but they are DEFINATELY worth a watch... I tried to find as many of his movies as I could and every single one that I've watched has made me think like a motherfucker... while we're on the subject, does anyone know of a tracker dedicated purely to kung-fu/samurai flicks?

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Sonny Chiba is mainstream, but only because of movies like "true romance"
What's funny is I was 16 when True Romance came out and that's exactly how I found out about Sonny Chiba...I was poking fun at the the Fist of The Nerd Star guy who said he was mainstream, ask around and I guarantee people won't know who you're talking about.
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Here's a little flick of some VHS tapes I got out.

And a Few Xenon DVDs.

I have so many it's ridiculous, I have alot of burnt shit.



sorry for the shitty pics.


How's the picture and sound quality on those DVDs? I've come across horrible bootlegs with low sound, picture saturation, and just totally messed up. Like companies are just converting it to DVD from VHS... Any info's appreaciated.

We sticking to just kungfu in here or what? Cause Kurosawa, beat takeshi, & early chow you fat shootem ups are killing it too

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Gold One of my Favs.

I have it bootleg.

Most of what I have is ok.

Some of them come from bad originals.

No matter how you get em there gonna be bad cause the reels are bad before the transfer.

Shaw Brothers has been restoring alot of shit on some Celestial Dvd shit.



Celestial Pictures, UTSB's Hong Kong subsidiary, is busy restoring original prints, brightening faded colors and filling in broken frames in preparation for their release this summer on DVD and other video formats. Celestial is negotiating with potential video distributors.


UTSB plans to use the library as the foundation of a Chinese-language movie channel, to be distributed to Chinese communities worldwide. The channel plans to begin operations this year.


Celestial plans to issue 20 remastered movies a month, "enough for a Shaw Bros. rack" in video stores, said Shirley Chung, Celestial's corporate affairs general manager. This would include box sets for Shaw's various genres, including historical dramas, ghost stories, swordplay epics and erotic films

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