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KUNG FU n shit

war terror

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any of jet li's old movies fucking rock.


new legend of shaolin

fong sai yuk 1 & 2

my father was a hero (theres a few in this series, only the jet li ones are good)

once upon a time in china (same deal)

tai chi 1 (possibly a part 2, cant remember)

shaolin temple


not jet li, but

comet butterfly and sword

blade of fury

bride with white hair


there are tons more i cant think of right now. do a google search and youll find a shit ton of fan sites that list them.

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btw, always try and get the subtitled versions. dubbed versions fucking suck.

also, most of jet li's movies have been re-released in america under different titles. try to get the ones under the original title. , the new titles are usually dubbed.

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Ill do you one better. Heres the online divx. its uncut so its the bloddiest version.



How long does this take to load? I want to load it overnight as I'll use too much of my cap otehrwise. That is why I said I wanted a torrent, because I watched a GB worth of Youtube videos today.


God I love Sundays being a slack day for me.;)

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THis is a favorite.


i like the Praying Mantis one, i dont remember the name. dude gets his ass beat in the beginning and is held captive in some little cottage, one day he comes across a mantis in the corner, and he stared at it, for like 3 days. then he got the idea to create a style of praying mantis, long story short, he gets out, woops out like 60 dudes, kills the guy that got him locked up

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