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The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread

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Originally posted by headcrack@Jan 31 2006, 01:16 PM

wow cro sucks but this one looks like emo did it for him i dont really care either way




nah nikka me n tipe went 50/50 on it nikka.... n i dont know emo....

u must be some fh nikka talkin this shit right,,, 1. u mention emo 2. u postin fh exclusive n new pics 3. thanks fo lettin me know fh dont like me n have someone dat wont keep thier mouth shut in thier behalf...... to any fh members u better tell ur lil homey to shut the fuk up n one of ur boy went over a chek fillin in rt21 by newark... i holla at navy8 but he tol me he dont run wit yah...... so one of yah better reponse... becuz u know how i be n how i rollls..... TO THE FH CREW MEMBERS ONLY TO PRIVATE MESSAGE..... I WANT NONE OF UR FANS OR STANS.... I WANA KNO FROM UR MOUTH........


CRO DSMAD SINGNING THE FUK OUT.....................

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Originally posted by GamblersGrin@Dec 26 2005, 07:13 PM

close this and the other jersey thread. why did these even open again? why do they open again?


why hate, appreciate, sure there is some toyness just like every

other thread but there is a lot of good shit posted here with minumum shit talking, go check some other threads where anything goes porno, shit talk, spotblowing and so on.

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