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The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread

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First of all this is FEATZ right here. I ain't no coward I don't hide behind names on the Internet and talk shit like the half of you herbs out there. Ya niggas sound like a bunch of dummys. And for all ya niggas hatin in DSM ya could talk all the shit you want but my team put that work in. Nuff said. And since niggas talking so much about oh featz and his stupid cow character Ima bout to go fucking HAM with it so hate all you want. Ima be doing me!!! Oh and bump them nace pics and bump my team DSM ! Peace put you fucking faggs lmao

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hyper.... shut the fuck up... have you seen your shit recently? do u really think that the fresh paint your using makes your shit dope? u always got something to say dont u? fall back


im not defending u featz.



lmao never said im good nor think im good nor think the paint that i use makes me good nor do i use good paint all the time so don't just assume shit right off the bat and yea i do all ways have something to say just like all you lil fucks do all this forum is is shit talking fucks who love to hide be hind a forum name act big and talk shit every one on this shit knows who i am on here and what i write. and no i don't come one here to act big ot just to talk shit or post cuz (i think im good or my shits dope ) as you would say but when i see dumb shit getting posted and or being said im going to say something just like every one else das so how about you back off. coming on here talking shit acting hard when nothing was even said to you or about you so hop off and have a good day

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