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The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread

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shit would be different if nace was still alive, graffiti would be different. his death was a big loss to everyone even to the people who never knew him. i feel like everyone would be pushing harder and more complex styles. who knows what this dude would be doing style wise if he was still around..

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klas it was about time you posted some old as flicks was waiting to see those flicks for the longest asked about a few times and you never posted thanks alot its about time anyways who.. like i was saying it seems like we have a few clowns in class and using more then one screenman or user name for the same person or speaking for each other thinking people are really dumb please make note that people arent that dumb and if your gonna really sit infront of a computer like that and waste someones time you really should give up on graff or whatever it may be called now a days

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you wannna get dissed??? ...hope you anit talk you been trash for years my friend..still cant get a burner right ....yeah and i know who you r ....lil white boy ass ..dont talk reckless in here ..like you about that life your lil shit can be taking out quick ...


lmfao yess i have been trash for years dsm has been in the game for a min and they still dont know what can control is or even how to push down a cap but yes im trash and talking about burners yea how you are you going to talk about other ppl saying they cant do them if your own crew cant even do them and have been in the game for a while now and should be a lil better then they are. and DING DING DING you hit that right i am i white boy good call what das that have to do with any thign idk nor care and talking reckless nahhh im not im just talking and stating the truth . and about what life ? humm guess you just ran out of things to cry about and as for mesg me on here acting hard and telling me to stay out of north jers come on dude lol, oh as for taking out all my north jers spot go for it have fun take them out kill it crush them, ill even give you all the low downs how to get to them and creep around and you can make north jers look even more grimy then it all ready das come on dude just stop wasting your time even coming on here and talking shit to every one and there mother go put the cartoons on and hit the coloring books.

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