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The Jimmy Hoffa's end zone cemetery...superthread

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phoe you loser. stop goin over define.


This makes it three spots I know of that you've gone over after his passing. If you want beef so bad have it with the kids that are here to defend themselves. I'm sure most of his friends are ready to beef with you over this.


You should know better than to go over a dead person.





check it at 2:00

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funny as hell y'all assume so much, i never went over none of his stuff after he passed. anything that was gone over was prior to the kids death, y'all be trying to stir hell shit up, but no one ever says nothing face to face when they see me. so thats the official story of "phoe going over define" THE WALLS WHERE DISSED BEFORE I PAINTED, AND THE KID WAS STILL ALIVE. thats what it is, zach your another fag, you knew what happened before anyone.


if anyone feel in any sorta way, pm me

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First of all noone is looking for a bitchass soap opera drama...cuz me i mind my own buisiness. barely give a fuck bout the graff game other than tryin to catch wreck...but if your gunna go over my bbboys or diss one of my dead homies....i take that personally. and YEAH PHOE. TRUST ME YOU GOT PEOPLE IN PHILLY. JERZ. AND NYC THAT WILL DISS ANYTHING THAT THEY SEE. ACT OBNOXIOUS CUZ ALL YOUR WORK WILL BE GONE!!! and i dont give a fuck. I think its kinda obvious what i write. You and your boy Jag have been going over defines shit for a while now...including the hall of fame which we will be going over on tuesday....SO yeah talk bout face to face. think of a new style before you go over someones "so called" dissed throwie which is 10x more fire than anything ive seen you do.

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ALL DRAMA ASIDE THIS IS A POINT THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE. Whenever any of Define's friends sees anything he painted, it makes us think of Tone G, not graffiti. So whenever anyone goes over anything of his you're slowly erasing the memory of one of the nicest and realest kids I ever met as well as a good friend of mine and countless other heads in NJ. So think twice, help keep our boy's legacy running.

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