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I was working a general labor job one time and this guy I was working with was like "where is your budwieser?" when I informed this gentleman that I had a stocked fridge at home he replied "what the fuck? you came to work without your tools! thats okay kid you can borrow mine for the day" and grabbed a ice cold can from his truck and put it on the saw horse. That was a good day.

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i meant to second the nega prop.


but, waiter would at least get over your fear of people. sometimes anxiety is just you being uncomfortable with who you are. go wait on people and realize they're all punk asses just like you think you are, and in fact you're better than them.





labor jobs are great. but those are the kind you can lose a finger doing.

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ive had anxiety problem for some years now i avoid certain situations, lately is just been fuck it i have to face it some day...

went through some recent life changing events and now i try to focus on being grateful for what i have regarless of.


also making plans for anything freaks me the fuk out

drugs are badd mmmmkay

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last week or so like what. Tryin to figure out a good remedy for this

situation but its eluding me. Anxiety meds dont work on me.


Recommended benzo doses actually give me anxiety. I used to abuse

the shit out of Xanax for years to unreasonable levels I'm addicted to

that stuff. The moment i take even 1 mg if i dont continue to eat more

and more i get edgy and apprehensive. It just results in blackouts, panic

attacks when i run out and police contact.


My sleep is regular and sufficient. I've not been drinking much alcohol.

Eating healthy and limiting caffeine. Staying busy with school. I dont kno

whats wrong with me but i'm way tense and have been going on like this

for a couple weeks now. No health insurance and even if i did over the

years ive tried most non narcotic anxiety meds and none of them work.

Im just fucked.


anybody got it like this? Found a solution?

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same situation as you abcs.meds aint working.been super tense.theres not much you can do really. i think some of us are just built like that. kinda like we are always on that level of anxiety. thats our normal or something. lately ive just been sketching and excercising like crazy.excercise is great for stress. and drinkin on this sleepy time tea shit.its got valerian in it. calms you down alot. benzos are great...at first. then after a while they lose that same calming affect and you have to take more and more of them. idk dude...have you tried smoking weed?


im thinking about taking that shit up and just blazin instead of getting on the xanax tip again.self medicate and whatnot.



but really your doing everything you need to do.seems like you got some problems that may need to be adressed.you should probably talk to someone. like a shrink or whatever. it helps to get the things out that stress you.



probably not the best advice and probably all shit youve heard before but hey...

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people with anxiety should generally stay away from drugs in general...




its all fun and games until you find yourself sitting at the edge of a cliff in the rain looking up in the sky seeing shit like so....



:scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:

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the physical symptoms bother me the most.

It feels like theres a weight on my chest. That

and another sensation that is similar to that of needing

a cigarette but i dont smoke

Really with this type shit i just deal with it and not talk

too much about it to people. This is a little different. Im not

trying to complain or seek sympathy here. Just thought

maybe someone had something that works for them. I try

not to distinguish myself to non internet people as someone

with problems or someone that has crazy shit happen to

them. If some crazy shit happens i usually dont talk about

it. Not a good idea to be a person associated with drama or


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i get whatyour saying abcs. you dont want to seem like that type of dude that all they do is bitch and bring people down with their problems. and the constant feeling like you have to be idk tough i guess and not show your feelings. thats nothing abnormal. lots of people are like that. but i tried the whole keeping everything bottled up technique and it dont work. if your dwelling on something it will translate into anxiety after a while. same with depression. i wouldnt be suprised if your anxiety stemmed from clinical depression. again im not a doctor or anything. but ive been there and its no way to live constantly having panick attacks and feelign like shit or constantly being down. talking to a stranger is a great way to let off some steam. i think that would work great for you. honestly. that and excercising and doing all the other things youve talked about like cutting out caffiene and cigs and sleeping well. those are all factors. im just sayin ive been through those same situations. the best thing to do is to keep busy and not think about what makes you anxious. and talking about that shit will help alot aswell. TRUST ME.

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please dont take it the wrong way like im trying to tell you whats best for you and how to run your life or anything like that.im just trying to say that it worked for me to get those feelings out to someone,preferably someone i have no real social ties too.do what you do and what works best for you.




i still think you need to get throwed.if your not doing that already...

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i had the same thing happen after i got outta jail.i ended up wondering around the projects at 2 in the morning with bruises and cuts on my arms and legs.so i stopped for about a year or so.finally tried bud again and everything was good.spent the night watching cheech and chong movies and playing need for speed with my homie.before that though id had to pop a pill to smoke weed...

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Few thoughts here. 1st, therapy isn't such a bad idea, and if it works, it beats popping pills into your mouth for the rest of your life or until your anxiety goes away (which does not seem highly likely at this point but could always happen). 2nd, aside from talk about your problems therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful for anxiety. 3rd, in terms of sleep, there may be issues with your sleep patterns and 'sleep hygiene,' or how you prepare yourself for sleep. Lastly, there is always the possibility that the agitation and anxiety being experienced is related to something like Bipolar Disorder, in which case the meds you are taking probably won't do shit and a different med is needed. Actually, one more thing related, if you have a trauma history you could have anxiety related to PTSD, which medication would have very limited effects on and which would be much better treated in the long term by therapy.

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you kinda have to understand anxiety in general, anxiety is triggered by fear. There's a reason you're fearing social situations.


ie: you think you might feel stupid, people might judge you, etc etc.


but remember this, confidence is the number one thing people respect. don't act like you need to be accepted, know you don't need to be accepted. But that doesn't mean be an asshole and say WHATEVER is on your mind.


be confident in what you say, but don't sound like you know everything or what you're saying is right and what they're saying is wrong.


I've been in customer service for a while so i built a steel shell of unpenetratable confidence in what i say. But I don't make people feel stupid.


basically to narrow it all down for you:


be confident, know where you are, and be cool about it. Trust me once you take control and take a look back at social situations you can really tell that everyone is a little nervous when they're out and about talking to people, its all game and you just gotta learn how to play it.


you don't need drugs, you don't need therapy. confidence and self control are the number 1 things you need in order to accomplish anything. And always be yourself, but not too much.

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