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Hanging with in the home office, it really ties the room together.  

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Tanks! Dusting is a chore. I am into cleanliness though so I stay on top of that mess. I got the chair for two. Lil' spensive but it's bootiful.


That's a fair price IMHO. I was reading another forum and some dude that moonlights for Banana (!) Republic scored a bunch of eames chairs for free that were sitting in the stock room collecting dust. They were official as well. It's crazy to think how much BR spends on their window displays.

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Dude what he do with them? One of my antique dealer friends

scored a whole slew of them from a school like ten er so years ago.

He said People were practically giving them away.

It makes sense since the Eames were all about mass

distribution of their product. It just bums me out that I was too much

of a young thang to know.


Caligula if the bookshelf thread is still around...I do that. If it isn't we should bring it back. :]

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Some seriously dope places in here. Crappy iPhone fisheye/instagronk shots of where I'm at.










Ft. 1960's twin tub. This thing makes washing day a pain but it works.








Foods, and vegetable drawer of film crap.




And always good sunsets.



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Got the .99 mulch deal at lowes last week


Grab 25bags


My front yard looking like hank hills lawn, I tell you what.




Planted 4 21gal Sylvester palms in the front yard


Pressure clean driveway /side walk

Trim the hedges 9+ ft now

Renforce the fence , fix the double door not locking properly

Painted the exterior of the crib / trim included



Still got 20+ palms to plant

Still gotta do something about the front gate (fcking dog escapes)


Back yard: still need to get a the roof/tiki hut for the patio 50x14 stamp concrete

Still pending Misc garding

Still need to Move the playground





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kindof boring butmy first place followed by the apt im living in now



friend;s drunken power ollie attempt


found this from an anonymous drunkard on my calendar


annndd my new place, which is shittier and better id different ways.


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