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the TOY paint thread...


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show's a hard act to follow


probably should have made a better attempt to cover up what was under you. its kind of a bad look imo to have fools shit pokin out from under you like that. unless that was your intention. even if its your stuff under it, it looks sloppy when you do that shit.


my two main crits would be to make the R bigger so its on par with the other letters and cut that extra bar from your E. the one thats sticking out of its head, it doesn't work well with the piece.


keep going though man.

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didn't finish the first, not worth it. Felt like going back do super simps because shit looks so wonky, thinking about just doing lines of p's and r's because they take away from the effect so damn much. hopefully in 30 cans this won't look so disgusting. posting for shits and giggles. I agree with the dude who doesn't like shit poking out from underneath but I'm really just trying to practice form right now, and it's on the back of my own barn so whatever.






Big bump to Rebel, I remember seeing so much of your stuff on pg when I started, and always dug it, when I stopped checking pg you hadn't posted in forever and I was afraid you were done or something, good to see ya in bidness.

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Good to know. yeah pg sucks for that and the fact that it was the birthing place of that Jack kid that sketches dane now i think. I've gotten feckin tired of every forum but this one but I'm probably just going in circles. anyways good shit dude you should keep dem flicks coming!




also I was looking back though and saw that show fill in and thought damn....how can he piece so well and do throws so bad?

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Raw dog you honestly don't even need to touch paint. Now I know everyone is shaky when they start with cans but it's obvious that you don't have much of an understanding of lettering yet and it's a total waste of time for you to paint. especially if it's illegally, could you imagine getting popped for doing shit like that?


ninjas right on the straight letters too. just sketch them though. if you wanna find a good bomb you should probably watch shit tons of bombing videos to see all the different throw flavors, don't straight up bite letters but learn what looks good.

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That's a damn nice piece for this thread. I think the most noticeable spot that could use improvement is the top left highlight, It doesn't flow right with the bar and I don't think it does with the light source either...but I couldn't sketch a perfected version sooooooo take it for what it is



I know it's dark but it's still visible


there's that and this one from earlier



crits? which do you like more? just came up with that fat one randomly but with a little more attention to detail I think it would be nicer

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