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Shaking the gay off so I don't kill someone...w/AIDS


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I am on my last nerve as far as my job is concerned. I am fed up with the racism, lying, underpaying, time card trimming, contradictions, and hypocrisy.


So rather than snap and start choppin' heads, I called in sick. I had to tell someone so I figured I would tell all of you.


It sucks though, I'm worried if I leave the house to get some food someone will see my and pull the 'faker card' but at the same time I don't give a shit. Fire me I don't care.


So today is going to be spent looking at porn, painting canvass, and posting on 12oz.


Anyone else fake sick or have a story about getting caught faking?

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guaranteed day off right here.



Not always...my boy tried to pull it one time and they still made him come in. He spent the whole day sittin on the toilet pretending to shit his brains out, talkin on the phone.


Usually it does though...last time I used the diahrea excuse I was told "I know you're prolly lying, but I can't really argue with that"

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