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Dopest crews on east coast?


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i found a wallnuts tanker tonight with a very nice arrow piece and a sin piece on the boxcar connected. very sick shit, i'm leaning towards MSP and Wallnuts. werd to yah. and if anyone has any info on who did that arrow piece next to sin...(it probably wasn't even sin) it was on a yellow boxcar (i think) and you could still smell the paint so im guessing it's pretty new. wow anyone catch flicks? two boxcars and a tanker sittin at a small yard tonight, very nice.

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have to preface this post that i don't know shit, but alot of east coast killers pushing the following crews have caught my eye as well.


dos, hm, sluts, tfp, dam, 3a, nsf, freightophiles, ta, yme, kos, ghb-never seen it but put up by the man, asf, nme, fs, hug, yeah all those crews rock shit here man, even though they may not ALL abide here.

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