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super weak. fuck you suburbanites, i love cheese platters.


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I dont believe i've never tried cotswold.


I thought the exact same thing when I read its description.


I'm generally looked at like a total wierdo for the cheese and apple thing. It so shouldn't be good at all but it's just so god damn amazing. I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about it untill I eat some now.

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i would have at least cut off a .5 millimeter piece to see if it tasted good.


thats what im saying. maybe none of them have had this thing called cheese before, and they all did take a small helping to try, but it was just such a small helping that it was practically invisble to my eye.

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i would have ate the shit out of that...



last week when it was warm my sorta girl and i hit up a cheese shop and bought some cheese and a baguette and sat in the park on a blanket and ate that shit. dont tell anyone



hahahaha! you little fucking romantic! that sounds like some awesome type shit out of a movie. you better spill some gossip to me before i fire you. whats she like? how does she feel about kittens? when is she gonna be your for-real girl? does she have good titties? how does she feel about moving to california at some point in time? whats her opinion on marriage and children!!!

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how come whenever you're at a wedding or some type of reunion or outing at some dinner,

and fat chicks will be all dressed up and try to eat all prissy and polite, taking miniscule bites

talkinbout "i'll just have a side order of the spinach tofu with a touch of wine vinaigrette."

bitch please, you know you be tearing up the fried chicken when nobody's lookin,

and binge-eating on chocolates while watching oprah






i think this may have been part of it also. they were all standing around the food table talking, and waited until someone that lived there ate something before they started to eat anything. then later, hella bitches refused ice cream cake. ice cream cake? please. best shit in the world. but it was late at night...i dont know. count me in as confused.

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I like to wrap a wheel of brie in tin foil, and throw it on the grill for a few minutes. Once it gets nice and melty, you peel the top off and it's like an instant fondue party.


And pepper jack is a must for sammiches.



this sounds fantastic. my friends in san diego just sold their restaurant, but there was a brie on the menu that i still drool about at night. it was covered in cornmeal, then deep fried and served on a plate with honey drizzled over it.




other cheeses i love:




-ricotta with a sprinkle of salt on it. i can eat containers just like this. good on crackers.




-abc got me hooked on laughing cow spread over toast in the morning as breakfast. i like the pink package with herbs





-mascarpone is so sweet and creamy. try it with raspberries.

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i used to be a cheese buyer. not even joking either....one of the best jobs ever. especially when my new shipments would come in. one of the perks about being a cheese buyer, aside from being a cheese buyer, is that when people invite you over to a dinner party they expect you to bring cheese which means while everyone else is trying to earn their keep by helping in the kitchen or bringing a dish you are ganster chilling and just showing up with a bunch of shit you grabbed on the way out of work. mmmmm. yeah.


my current jump offs from the cheese world....



epoisses from burgundy. this shit will make you punch someone. its that good.



st marcellin. you get cheese and a bowl for soy sauce next time you eat sushi. yeah.



pierre robert...a triple creme from champagne. happens to be good with champange.



and finally....banon. goat cheese ripened in grape leaves that have been soaked in brandy. fucking amazing.


damn....cheese tangent.

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yeah. the epoisses is a super stinky cows milk cheese thats washed in a grape brandy. my girlfriend hates it so i dont eat it much anymore....when i do please believe i over indulge.


p.s. - if you get a really nice ripe one you can actually just leave it in the box it comes in and scoop the cheese out of the top using a spoon. holy shit.

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Oh the joys of cheese. I can't believe I actually made a 4 month stab at being vegan. An hour after landing in Italy I was chowing down on fresh mozza and tomatoes.


Every event that I have ever attended that included cheese, the cheese like vanishes in 2 minutes. I'd be delighted if I was at a wedding and no one but me was feeling the cheese platter, rental. But yeah I see how you'd be bummed.



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