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If I ever have a daughter like this I will kill her and then myself

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Real story..A few weeks ago I was driving down the street with my Brother-In-Law so I was keepin my eyes to myself..3 Little breezys (lets say the older bein 13-14 at the most) were crossin the street..I aint gone lie, now days these little youngstas be lookin hella old..One of them was lookin good..My BIL was hollerin at them and one of them was suckin on a lolly pop, she started lickin and suckin the lollypop in a non-proper way..In other words like suckin a dick..Dude this bitches are to advance for their age...Then they wanna hit a nigga with statutory rape..When this lil bitches be acting too grown..

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Dude this is every hoe bag cunt in the 905 with a facebook account posting their "friends" pictures......you know how their friends by the fake social interactions they have at the bar every weekend where they say the same things and dance to the same shitty music, AND all the photos looked staged.



catch me walking down college on a friday night mean mugging the losers and thinking about throwing haymakers at drunk whores!

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well... at least they're trying to keep it real with the colt 45... but yeah, drunk immature girls suck. I think this is due to lack of discipline and supervision from their parents. I mean, for example, I am not perfect, but my parents tried to teach me how not to be a dumbass... I think this behavior in younger folks is directly related to not getting enough spankings/groundings/ and before that timeouts... haha.


Those girls look young enough to go to juvi... hahaha. They are probably wearing my little pony training bra's.

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I bet that popgun would NEVER say that out in public, he'd get his skinny drugged out ass dragged all around the asphalt.


oh yeah, i don't know what it's like where he lives, but try walking around dallas fort worth talking about a moon cricket or whatever that shit was, you'd get murdered by a "moon cricket." Not to mention it's just disrespectful.

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