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boogie hands

TFGIF thread + mini photo thread....

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Friday -

- do a bit of work for a monday deadline i have to meet

- take a long lunch and fuck off for the rest of the day

- try to run. my shins have been hurting like a bitch lately

- tickets and flask of whiskey for grindhouse 7:15. should be mad silly.

- from here its some choose your own adventure type shit - i can either

a.) go out, spend money at a bar and flirt with girls i cant do anything with

b.) meet up with my girlfriend and her friend and gangster chill

c.) leave my friends and go solo with rainbow six and a bottle of jack daniels


Saturday -

- breakfast

- cook lunch for my girlfriend and her sister

- work on my resume with gf's sister and apply for a sweet job with the DOD (you may have finally gotten me sneak...get the champagne ready).

- decide what to do for dinner

- drink some wine and toast a potential next step in my life


Sunday -

- go for an easter run

- cook up some brunch and pop some champagne

- probably take a nap

- dinner and an early bed time


Bonus - random photobucket photos



some cats that hung out on the porch with me while i was smoking a cigar and drinking wine on my girlfriends birthday.




for last new years we decided to have a small party and cook food that our parents would have made for a new years party. note the pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped shrimp and extremely "un-gourmet" cheese and meat. the party was byoc so we, the hosts, bought a case of champagne to split between the 4 of us. we got drunk.




i think this may have been from the same night. i had some left over turkey bacon so i made a gift for my friend "the bassman" (a nickname that came out of the drunken mess that was the gainsville fest a few years back...he plays bass). the bassman is 31, does not exercise outside of skateboarding, and eats everything in sight. hes most famous for consistently eating 5 or 6 pieces of bacon before we all sit down to brunch and then divvying up the remaining amount between us like we only had 6 pieces of bacon to begin with. dude rules.




something i did for the mspaint+myspace thread a while back. i think its the funniest thing ever so im going to post it again. feel free to agree.

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Today- Been working a shitload of overtime lately, so I passed out early last night instead of doing this roof I've been obsessing over. So now I'm up early on my day off for no reason...prolly gunna go get a haircut, possibly paint a spot, then tonight it's the usual Friday activity. Drunk, pizza, downtown to watch clubfights


Just remembered: Girl doesn't have school today...perhaps go see her as well


Saturday- Work 11-8, then I've got several options. I could either work some more overtime til about 11 then head to the track with some work homies, or leave on time and take my pick of a few girls who are tryin to hang out


Sunday- Work 5-2, then to the parental's crib to get drunk and eat ham

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Good friday today, so I got the day of work hurrah!

Might go to the opening ceremony of this new skate park up the road.

Wait, the sun is shining, they have just opened a new skate park up the road, and i am sitting inside on a computer... SEE YA!

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Friday, fuckall as nothign is open. Walk around Freo, finish Scarface, 12oz


Saturday: Chill during the day, then head out once my mate knocks off work


Sunday: Go out for a Sunday session.


Monday: Recover, maybe start an assignment.

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Gettin fucked up for clubs






Rubbing cherries on my chest & painting






Going over Grandpa's place to visit the easter bunny


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- just came home from a VERY cold motorcycle ride. It started snowing on me!

- I'm going to take a hot bath. It's the only way to beat the chill.

- start drinking beer EARLY

- naptime




- chill in the morning

- meet up with a mob of people to watch the leafs v habs game

- get fookin' rowdy and watch the TORONTO FC take on CHIVAS

- drink




- hope it gets warm

- go for a bike ride







^ a soccer practice



^ super sale on panties!



^ noogie!



^ I want to go to montreal NOW

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Try to get the fuck out of work early - because work sucks

Get my nap on until 7

Go out for Tapas with wifey and friends

Drink Sangria

Sleep relatively early and relatively buzzed



Wake up early

Go for run

Go look at this overly expensive bedroom set my girl wants

Probably buy it because she deserves it

Junk food for dinner


Love and Touch


Sunday -

Easter at girls Parents

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Sleep Early


Random Photo Bucket Pics


My brother getting his pool on.




This makes me laugh everytime




Picture I took on a long walk


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thats an aggressive layering of pastrami there rummy.


it's not pastrami... it's Montreal Smoked Meat. It's like the guiness of meat, nothing else is like it.

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Out of work at 3pm YES!!!!!

Go meet the dude who bought my motorcycle to pick it up

Pick up drumset

Go to practice till 12am



Go to furniture liquidation buy couches and chairs and shit and...

Rest and eat light

Call everyone and their mother make sure they are going to my show tonight...

Buy new clothes for show tonight...

8pm set up

TIPTHEVANPROMOCARD.jpg (I dont care because I and nothingI have done is on their website yet...)

10pm go on stage

2:00am stop playing and break everything down...



Sleep really late...

Get up move tv to new apt...

go clean new apts carpet...



Font sample for my friend...(thanks gliko for the font)



old geser stencil i found senior year of highschool...(not me boot fruiting)



extreme close up of a friend of mine...


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Friday through Sunday


moving to our new apartment. once we're finished i'm going to drink many beers in the sunshine with my woman and our cat.



bonus photo:



dinner from the other night (this is how we be livin). a spaghetti type bake, herb/garlic/cheese bread, salad. it was delicious

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- nurse this hangover and eat some turkey

- forgot to go to the beer store yesterday, and spent too much money at the bar last night, plus work tomorrow, so fuck it

- maybe catch Grindhouse, or just watch the Jays game




- HUGE game. Leafs must beat the Habs in regulation in order to make the playoffs




- Entourage, Sopranos, Trailer Park Boys season premieres.

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Sick! I forgot aboot the new Sopranos. I heard someone really important dies in the 2nd episode this season.

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