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I've seen some docus lately that have really impressed me.


I got the Errol Morris collection, which has "the thin blue line", "vernon, florida" and "gates of heaven."






gates of heaven is about two pet cemetarys. hilarious weirdo pet lovers are featured in this film




These three are seriously ridiculous. Must watch






The highlands trilogy is unreal. Set in the PNG Highlands and shot over ten years, First Contact (1983), followed by Joe Leahy's Neighbours (1989) and Black Harvest (1992) have won 30 national and international awards





This documentary presents footage of the first contact between the highland tribes of Papua New Guinea, and European explorers. In the 1930s three Australian's, Michael, Daniel and James Leahy were the first white people to venture into the vast New Guinean interior. They searched for gold and found 1 million highland tribespeople who had previously had no contact with the outside world. Amazingly, they took a film camera with them.



JOE LEAHY'S NEIGHBOUR'S traces the fortunes of Joe Leahy, mixed-race son of Australian explorer Michael Leahy and a highland woman, and follows his uneasy relationship with his tribal neighbours, the Ganiga. Raised in the village but educated by the colonial whites, Joe has his feet in two cultural camps.

BLACK HARVEST charts the progress of Joe in convincing the Ganiga tribes-people to join him in a coffee growing venture. He provides the money and the expertise; they supply land and labour. But on the eve of success, the world coffee price collapses and tribal warfare erupts in the valley.







"Highworn highway" is pretty sweet.


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the 24hours on craigslist was pretty boring...just my opinion though...that part with the gay massuese who was in all the homo fisting videos pretty much killed the film for me



i was going to buy it to support the site...but i think i'll rent it instead now.


a few others i've seen and liked...


the freshest kids


style wars

piece by piece


supersize me

bowling for columbine

graffiti verite #1

dark days


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