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a (satur) day in the life - the weekend fitness edition

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i had a pretty action packed saturday last weekend and since i was going to be out taking pictures anyway i figured i would take a few more random ones and make a photo thread out of it....this is how it went down




i decided friday i was going to take it easy with the girlfriend. we ate sushi, had a few guiness out at a local bar and were in bed by 11. this was good because i wanted to wake up ant 6am to go for a run. 6am on a weekend rules for runs because all the shitty college kids are finally in bed and nobody is really leaving for work quite yet. its just you, the birds and the ass crack of dawn. anyway, i ran a few miles and then went home to wake up the girlfriend, get some breakfast and walk up to the race route.




saturdays race is one of the biggest in my town and the atmosphere is awesome. almost like a parade minus the shittiness. we watched everyone at about mile 3 and then decided to walk down and get some coffee and wait for everyone to pass at mile 9. we saw some friends and cheered them on, i kicked myself in the ass for not racing and then we decided to walk home and get our day started.




we went home and i made some turkey and pepper jack sandwiches on potato bread (hell yeah) and packed up for the hike. i drink shit tons of water so i took 8 bottles with me. maybe not the best idea in retrospect but whatever, i packed pretzels with the sandwiches so i figured i would need them.




we drove for about an hour and finally got to the trail. the hike for the day was a "strenuous" 9 mile circuit hike around one of the higher areas in my state. being a runner, i figured anything that involved moving at 2 miles an hour or less would hardly be "strenuous". running 6 miles at between 7 and 8 minutes a mile is "strenuous"...hiking is nothing.






the trail going up the mountain went along a set of falls. prior to reaching the first set of falls we hadnt seen a single person which i was stoked on. turns out everyone had just left earlier than us. we gangster chilled on a rock and then set off for the main falls at 2,500 feet.




after another hour or so we reached the main falls where we sat down for lunch. we ate and then continued up what we thought would be the worst of the hike. wrong again.




we finally reached the top of the mountain and were rewarded with a pretty bitching view. there werent many of these along the heavily wooded hike so we took a second to enjoy and then continued on from 2,500 to 3,500 feet....another 2 hours.




we had about two hours ahead of us when we started descending from the mountain. my girlfriend and i were happy the last 1/3 of the hike was downhill. the unfortunate part is when the last 2 miles of your hike is downhill from 3,500 feet its really downhill. the trail on this side was extremely impressive and i switched from thinking about how i wouldnt be running for a few days to thinking about the task of putting this trail together and maintaining it. about a mile in we crossed the small river and sat for a bit at the edge of this pool. from there we continued down a very, very intense gorge and, just when we had had about enough of this little adventure, reached the trail that took us back to the car.




so after a solid shower and a two hour nap my girlfriend rounded up some guinness and i went and got a wicked ass pizza to fill my empty belly. we watched cops and hung out for a bit and then i headed off to the nights show while she took a nap at my house.




my friends rocked the fucking place per the usual. they were followed by my roomates band who also rocks faces but in a different fashion. the best thing about shows like this is everyone comes out and pretty much takes over the bar so its like a fun, catered, private party. all the peeps were out for this one and many drinks were had. the show was within walking distance to my house so everyone came over afterwards and the party continued until 5am. this is pretty much the last picture of the night as by then i was way more concerned with jack daniels and rocking out than i was with this project. had there been a picture here it would have been my house, a bunch of people hanging out talking, some people over by the turntables singing along to iron maiden and beer. lots of beer.


anyhow, that was the bulk of my weekend. looking at this its kind of a boring photo thread but whatever, im kind of a boring dude when im hanging out in town. enjoy...or dont.

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I look/read stuff like this and it makes me feel like such a lazy piece of shit. I think if I tried to run a mile it would take me a total of 46 minutes. I would run for 4 minutes, collapse, wait 41 minutes for an ambulance, and spend one minute inside the ambulance as it it finishes the mile for me. I seriously need to get back into shape.


Good stuff dude, photo threads are always interesting, regardless of how boring you think it may be to us. Post more.

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the pizza is official. we usually order one of those on fridays, dump chipotle tobasco all over it and go though a couple bottles of red wine. pizza and red wine is the shit. check it out if you havent lately.

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Mero NOONE wants to watch you forget what you were doing as you walked the top 3 stairs of the 500 you need to walk to get a Lucy from the corner bodega son!





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The onyl reason I would go to American is to appreciate the natural world


and maybe some trout fishing

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